Start Your Blender

Smoothies, shakes, and slushes -- ready in a whirl.
Start your blender!

Whirl a blender beverage that's ready to serve in less than 10 minutes. Pour ingredients into the blender container, then let the kids work the blender -- they'll enjoy being at the controls. Pour a tall drink for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or an after-school snack. When the kids aren't looking, whip one up for yourself.

Self-Cleaning Blender

Your blender saves you time while it whips up drinks; now let it save you time by cleaning itself. Fill the blender container about one-fourth full with warm water, then add some dishwashing liquid. Cover and blend. Swish the blender lid with some of the soapy water to clean. Rinse the container and lid with hot water. Invert, and let dry in the dish drainer.

Yoberry Fizz Mix and match your child's favorite frozen berries and flavor of yogurt. If you like, sieve the blended mixture when using raspberries. Then, stir in the ginger ale.


Goin' Bananas Malt For a chillier malt, freeze the cut-up banana before blending it with the ice cream and milk.


Swashbuckler's Island Slush Our kid tasters slurped this slush right down.


Easy Chocolate Milk Using a blender makes this chocolate milk fluffy.


Chocolate Cookie Shake Make this ice cream and cookie shake with chocolate or mint ice cream.