Chicken Casseroles

What do you get when you combine a casserole dish, a tried-and-true recipe, and amazingly versatile chicken? A wonderful casserole your family will ask for again and again. Each bubbly chicken casserole recipe makes enough for a crowd or one hungry family. And with make-ahead possibilities, casseroles are convenient for weeknight meals. Here you'll find inspired updates on classics such as chicken and noodles as well as hearty chicken pot pie. Beyond the basics, we have chicken casserole recipes from all over the world to expose the entire family to ethnic flavors in familiar ways. Mexican chiles and spices, tangy Greek flavors, classic French ingredients, and even peanut and curry flavors from Thailand can be combined with chicken to create one-dish dinners everyone will enjoy. In a pinch, rotisserie chicken can be used in most of these hot dishes, but home-cooked chicken is the best bet. If you've got questions on cooking different chicken pieces to add to chicken casserole recipes, download our guide for helpful instructions and ideas for perfectly cooked chicken that can be added to a host of recipes.

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Video: Cutting up a Whole Chicken

Watch to learn the simplest way to divide a whole chicken into pieces.

Healthy Chicken Casseroles

Enjoy a delicious chicken casserole for -- surprise! -- less than 400 calories.

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Easy Weeknight Dinners

Simplify your day with quick and easy meal ideas and delicious make-ahead chicken casserole recipes.

Dinner Party Casseroles

Casseroles for company? Yes! These showstoppers are as easy to make as they are delicious to eat.

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Chicken Casserole Favorites


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