30-Minute Healthy Chicken Recipes

Put chicken on the menu tonight with these quick-and-easy recipes that can be prepared in 30 minutes or less.

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Sesame Chicken Salad


Sesame Chicken Salad

    Orange juice, rice vinegar, and sesame oil flavor this light Asian-inspired chicken salad. Crunchy veggies and toasted sesame seeds complete the lively combination.

Asian-Style Chicken and Pasta

    The next time you're tempted to get takeout, whip up this low-fat chicken stir-fry made with Chinese egg noodles and a medley of red sweet peppers, snow pea pods, and protein-rich nuts. Add garlic to a bottle of stir-fry sauce to pull this dish together in less than 30 minutes.

Blackened Chicken with Avocado Salsa

    Blackened steak seasoning and cumin-seasoned salsa take boneless chicken breast halves south of the border. The salsa comes alive with avocado, papaya, and sweet red pepper, serving as a heart-healthy complement to the zesty bites of blackened chicken.

Chicken-and-Melon-Stuffed Shells

    Give pasta a makeover with these flavorful, jumbo macaroni shells filled with honeydew and cantaloupe. Rich in potassium and vitamin C, melons are low in fat and are cholesterol-free.

Chicken with Orzo

    When you're really in a time crunch, a purchased roasted chicken is a great way to kick-start your meal. Liven it up with orzo pasta flavored with lemon and spinach leaves, and you'll have a delicious chicken dish in less than 20 minutes.

Fajita-Ranch Chicken Wraps

    Red, yellow, and green sweet peppers give chicken strips a colorful twist in this quick-to-fix fajita favorite. Served in a whole wheat tortilla with a sprinkling of cheese and an easy-to-make salsa, these low-fat wraps have loads of flavor.

Quick Caribbean Chicken

    With a sweet, tangy topping of sweet potatoes, peppers, bananas, and pineapple juice, this chicken dish is filled with flavor and antioxidants. Cook the brown rice while preparing the chicken, and dinner will be served in less than 20 minutes.

Honey-Ginger Crusted Chicken

    A coating of cornflakes gives chicken all the crunch of its fried cousin without all the fat and calories. Toss the ingredients in 10 minutes, then bake to get this quick, flavorful dish.

Grilled Chicken with Cucumber Yogurt Sauce

    With a cool mix of mint, cucumber, green onion, and yogurt for its sauce, this dish is refreshing in the summertime or whenever you crave lighter fare. Grill the chicken outside when warm weather permits or use an indoor grill.

Pan-Roasted Chicken with Shallots

    When you want to add something special to dinner, peel and quarter some shallots and toss them into a pan with boneless chicken breast halves. The sweet, caramelized flavor of the shallots adds a pleasing dimension to this super-simple recipe.

Summer Chicken and Mushroom Pasta

    A smooth sauce of chicken broth and white wine enhances bite-size pieces of chicken and mushroom in this easy-to-make penne pasta dish. Finish it off by tossing in heart-healthy cherry tomatoes and bits of basil and Parmesan cheese.

Wild Rice Chicken Soup

    Give your taste buds a treat with this traditional soup with a twist. Combine long-grain and wild rice with garlic, tomatoes, zucchini, and a splash of Madeira for a meal you can toss together and enjoy in minutes.

Pulled Chicken Sandwiches

    Skip the bottled barbecue sauce and whip up your own savory, low-calorie creation for this sandwich. Mix shredded chicken into the sauce, then dish it out on whole wheat hamburger buns for a healthy alternative that's high in protein.

Saucy Chicken with Garbanzo Beans

    Go global with the distinctive flavors of this Indian-inspired dish. Combine vegetables, garlic, and garbanzo beans with the surprising hit of chocolate, then serve it with whole wheat couscous for a fiber-rich meal.

Southwest Chicken Skillet

    When you crave a little Southwestern flair, add some zing to chicken strips with black beans, salsa, zucchini, and corn. Wrap it all up in a warm whole wheat tortilla or enjoy it all on its own.

Sweet-and-Sour Chicken

    Rather than give up your favorite takeout dish, try this tangy sweet-and-sour chicken that has less sodium and far less fat. Using low-sodium chicken broth in the sauce and sautéed chicken rather than fried chicken, your heart will thank you.

Thai-Style Chicken Pizza

    A whole wheat pita round makes a delicious crust for this chicken and vegetable pizza. Bake the rounds before adding the peanut sauce and toppings for a crisp crunch.

Chicken and Hummus Pitas

    Cut broiled chicken breasts into strips, then stuff them into pitas along with cucumbers, nutrient-rich roma tomatoes, and creamy yogurt for a satisfying dinner. You can even broil the chicken ahead of time and keep it on hand to make these tasty pockets whenever you like.

Grilled Lemon Chicken

    A marinade is a great way to awaken the flavor of chicken with minimal prep work. A mixture of chicken broth, lemon, and spices turns chicken breast halves into a savory must-have dish while keeping sodium in check.

Asian-Style Chicken Salad

    Who says salad can't be a meal? Toss together chicken, pea pods, sweet peppers, cucumbers, and green onions, then drizzle an Asian-inspired vinaigrette on top. Roll a portion of the mixture inside a Bibb or Boston lettuce leaf and enjoy every bite.

Chicken Salad Sandwiches

    Sandwiches aren't just for lunch anymore. Filled with apples, low-fat yogurt, and cucumbers, this dish is heartier and more flavorful than a traditional chicken salad.

Grilled Rosemary Chicken

    The beauty of a marinade is that it takes mere minutes to whip it up. For this dish, lime and rosemary infuse their flavor into chicken breast halves. Grilling gives it a stellar finish.

Chicken Pizza with a Kick

    Watching fat and calories? This pizza's a must. With refrigerated pizza dough for the crust and picante for the sauce, this veggie and chicken version is full of flavor without the guilt.

Cranberry-Sauced Meatballs

    Whether they're served as a main dish or an appetizer, these seasoned, ground-chicken meatballs are destined to become a favorite you'll turn to again and again. They're coated with a mixture of cranberry and barbecue sauces and slow-cooked for savory perfection.

Chicken Supreme Casserole

    Heart-healthy ingredients, including reduced-sodium soups, fat-free milk, and light mayonnaise, make this chicken casserole a main dish you'll feel good about eating. Round it out with vegetables and pasta for a well-balanced meal.

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