Calcium-Rich Recipes for Kids

Help your kids build strong bones with these tasty recipes.
Easy Chocolate Milk Easy Chocolate Milk

Easy Chocolate Milk Using a blender makes this chocolate milk fluffy.


Fresh Fruit Blender Drink A morning blender drink, fresh with fruit and tangy with yogurt.


Strawberry-Papaya Shake This tasty shake is as easy as it is healthful.


Hot Caramel Chocolate Sip this creamy caramel drink for a welcome warm-up.


"Say, Cheese" Calzone Four cheeses stuffed between refrigerated pizza dough make this calzone extra cheesy.


Soft Cheese Nachos Crisp corn tortilla chips can wreak havoc on kids' braces. With these nifty nachos based on softer flour tortillas, your child's teeth are safe.


Cracker Pizzas Top crackers with pizza sauce and cheese and melt under the broiler.


Pizza Style Vegetables Tomato sauce and traditional cheeses add pizza flair to vegetables.


Chilly Peach Soup Whether served for dessert or a between-meal snack, this honey-sweetened, refreshing soup is loaded with summer peaches and strawberries -- a great combination.


Three-Cheers Parfaits Three cheers for this quick yogurt-and-canned-pudding dessert.