Butters and Spreads

Make your muffins and breads more memorable with these scrumptious spreads.
Cranberry-Praline Mascarpone

Cranberry-Praline Mascarpone Spread For a sweet ending, serve this spread for dessert with an assortment of purchased cookies and fresh fruit.


Cream-Cheese Super Spread This cream cheese-and-marmalade spread mixes up in minutes, and you can dip into it for breakfast all week long.


Almond Brie Spread Serve this creamy three-ingredient spread with fresh fruit, crackers, or French bread.


Chocolate Nut Spread For this delicious sweet spread, just stir melted chocolate and ground nuts into butter.


Spiced Peach Spread Rehydrate dried peaches and puree with sugar and spice for a delicious fruit spread.


Swiss Cheese-Cherry Spread Pack into small crocks or serving bowls, cover, and wrap in a tissue-lined holiday gift bag with a supply of fancy crackers. Attach a reminder to store the spread in the fridge.


Pumpkin Cream Cheese Spread Try serving this spread with mini bagels for a sweet little snack.


Lemon-Olive Spread Spread this olive, lemon, and mustard spread on baguette slices, topped with cherry tomatoes and fresh oregano for an easy low-cal and low-fat appetizer.


Eye-Opener Spread If your kids aren't crazy about coconut, substitute shredded carrot on these peanut butter and cream cheese-topped English muffins.