Make burgers for a quick lunch or dinner! This crowd-pleasing choice offers easy cleanup, customizable toppings, and a chance to get outside and enjoy the patio. Our recipes fit most palates whether you prefer traditional beef, turkey, chicken, pork, fish, or a meatless option like black or red beans. It's our sensational mix-ins, toppings, and spreads that set our burgers apart from the rest. We have recipes that mix in all kinds of flavors such as Parmesan cheese and fresh basil, carrots and poblano peppers, apricots and fresh cilantro, melted blue cheese, or smoked cheddar and Worcestershire sauce. Not to be outdone, we also have irresistible toppings and spreads such as smoky homemade mustard, fresh guacamole and tomatoes, coleslaw and fried pickles, cilantro-jalapeno sauce, homemade mojo sauce, poblano and avocado spread, or sliced green apples and crisp bacon. If you need help getting started, we offer grilling tips from the pros and easy-to-read charts so your burgers come off the grill just the way you want them. Burgers are a great choice for potlucks, picnics, and tailgates before the big game.

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  • Crowd-Pleasing Burger Recipes

    Our fresh mix-ins and toppings make grilled burgers a sensational choice for summer cookouts and casual gatherings.


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