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Our Best Oatmeal Recipes

Mix up your morning breakfast habits and get creative with our fun twists on oatmeal. Our slow cooker oatmeal recipes and delicious toppers and swirl-ins make it easy to enjoy your morning meal.


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    • Slow Cooker Steel-Cut Oatmeal

      Make your breakfast ahead of time and savor your morning instead. Just throw your oats into a slow cooker and simmer until tender and delicious.

    • Cranberry-Maple Oatmeal with Pears

      Jump-start your day by sitting down to this hearty and delicious hot cereal dish. The steel-cut oats will fill you up and keep you going throughout the morning. Look for them near the old-fashioned oats in your grocery store.

    • Bananas Foster Oatmeal

      Top this oatmeal recipe with sugary browned bananas and a few drops of rum extract for a tasty twist on an old favorite.

    • Apple Crisp Hot Cereal

      Make breakfast a breeze by cooking this delicious oatmeal recipe in just 10 minutes. Crunchy apples and low-fat granola keep it healthy, while cinnamon and warm spices give it a taste you can't resist.

    • How to Make Homemade Granola

      Tasty granola makes a great breakfast treat -- both with oatmeal and on its own. Watch our step-by-step guide to discover how to make this tasty recipe.

    • Baked Oatmeal

      Use this recipe to take advantage of any leftover fruit in your house. Just fold in fruit after 20 minutes of baking to get a uniquely delicious taste.

    • Swiss Oatmeal

      Use yogurt and milk to cool down oatmeal’s usual heat, making it a wonderful option for hot summer days. Try topping with almonds and fruit to add an extra boost of flavor to this dish.

    • Six-Grain Slow Cooker Porridge

      This mix of steel-cut oats, cracked wheat, brown rice, barley, millet, and cornmeal adds extra variety to your usual breakfast. Add in dried fruit, ginger, cinnamon, vanilla, and toasted pecans for a pleasant crunch and extra flavor.

    • Pumpkin-Apple Quick Oatmeal

      This oatmeal is proof that pumpkin is perfect all year long. Plus, it’s high in beta-carotene, an important antioxidant for your heart and body.

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      Maple-Pecan Breakfast Porridge

      Treat your porridge like pancakes and add the sweet taste of maple syrup to the mix. At just 4 g fat per serving, you’ll get the taste you love with a low calorie count.

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      Sherried Fruit

      Let homemade sherried fruit serve as a sweet topper for your oatmeal in the morning.  Refrigerate your fruit leftovers and use them to top pound cake, pancakes, or even ice cream.

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      Fruity Oatmeal

      Fresh and dried fruit cooked with your oatmeal adds bits of natural sweetness into your breakfast meal. And at just 133 calories, your body will thank you for such a healthy choice.

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