Easy Breakfast Recipes

When you're short on time in the morning, an easy breakfast recipe is a must-have. Each of our breakfast recipes is surprisingly easy to make, as well as absolutely delicious. Try our simpler versions of pancakes, oatmeal, casseroles, and more!


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    • Orange Honey Overnight Oats

      This breakfast is as easy as stirring ingredients in a bowl and popping it in the fridge for a night -- literally. Save the fun toppers such as strawberry preserves, thyme, and coconut for the morning.

    • Berry Pancakes

      If you're going to go with the frozen pancakes, go with these. You can make and freeze this berry-licious batch up to two months in advance, microwaving it whenever you like. Now that's a breakfast we can get on board with.

    • Waffle Latkes

      Whip up a waffle even Leslie Knope would love. This one starts with hash browns and cheese, and finishes with smoked salmon and sour cream. Now that’s a mash-up you didn’t see coming!

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    • Maple-Tangerine Crepes

      Because sometimes orange juice just doesn’t cut it. Get three times the citrus goodness in these mascarpone-stuffed, tangerine crepes: first in the syrup, second in the batter, and third as a zesty garnish. Yum!

    • Make Crepes Like a Boss

      Do as the Parisians do: cook crepes to perfection! Here's how.

    • Huevos en Salsa

      Bust out the salsa and get sizzling. This 15-minute breakfast looks to eggs, cilantro, queso fresco, and a jar of your favorite salsa. Make it a breakfast burrito with warm corn tortillas.

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    • Bacon and Egg Cheese Toast

      The peanut butter and jelly toast can wait. This hearty English muffin recipe features all your breakfast favorites in one, and is draped in a creamy, Cajun sauce you can't help but say good morning to.

    • Sausage and Egg Po'Boys

      These po boys take breakfast sandwich to a whole new level, starting with homemade spicy remoulade. A few shakes of hot sauce takes the classic Louisiana sub over the top -- and in less than 25 minutes!

    • Sunshine Toast with Bacon and Tomatoes

      Brighten your breakfast with a fun jazzed-up version of your toast. It takes just 20 minutes to make, and all you need is a sun-shape cutter and fresh eggs.

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      Breakfast Ham-and-Egg Cups

      Ham? Check. Eggs? Check. Veggies? Check. This muffin tin recipe really does have it all. Simply fill each cup in your tin with the ingredients, then let your oven do the work.

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      Peanut Butter-Banana Refrigerator Oatmeal

      Give your morning oatmeal a fun and fast makeover by prepping our no-cook version the night before. We've mixed the high-fiber ingredient with peanut butter, banana, and a sprinkling of bacon crumbles for a delicious ready-when-you-are recipe.

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      Cranberry-Pistachio Pancakes

      We love diving into a scrumptious stack of warm pancakes first thing in the morning, especially when they're as delicious as our cranberry-pistachio version. Plus, in just 25 minutes you can serve up a whopping 12 servings of the breakfast favorite.

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      Morning Caramel Snack Mix

      Just 25 minutes of prep time is needed to whip up a batch of our delightful breakfast snack mix. We used a variety of cereal, nuts, and dried fruit in the on-the-go recipe.

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      Egg White Scramble with Spinach and Cherry Tomatoes

      Scrambled eggs are always an easy option for breakfast. Try our egg white scramble -- it takes just 20 minutes to prepare, comes with tomatoes and spinach, and each serving rings in at under 200 calories.

      Canning Tomatoes 101
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      Yummy Breakfast Smoothies

      Start your morning with fruit! Watch our quick how-to on making breakfast smoothies. The easy formula works with any of your favorite fruits.

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      Hong Kong Sesame Toast Strips

      French toast sticks are always a fun breakfast treat, and our Hong Kong-inspired sesame strips are no exception! It takes just four minutes to cook the breadsticks, and they taste fantastic when dipped in marmalade.

      Fabulous Ethnic Recipes
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      Creamy Grape Breakfast Salad

      Purchased ingredients, such as cream cheese, Greek yogurt, and seedless grapes, make pulling together this fruit salad a breeze. Better yet, you get six servings from one recipe, so it's perfect for serving a crowd.

      Garden-Fresh Salads
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      Eggs Benedict Bake

      When you want family or guests to feel spoiled, present this easy variation on eggs Benedict. No need to tell them it takes less than half an hour to bake and much of the preparation can be done the day before.

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      Peach Pancakes with Chai Syrup

      With a taste as sunny as a summer morning, these pancakes get a warm, spicy kick from an infusion of ginger and cinnamon. Peaches blended into the batter add a sweet twist that will make these pancakes a favorite.

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      Ham-and-Cheese Slab Pie

      Family and friends will adore waking up to this cheesy ham-filled breakfast pie, and you'll love that you can do all the prep work up to two months before serving! Just thaw the frozen pies in the refrigerator the day before, and pop them into the oven when you're ready to serve.

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      Overnight Breakfast Pie

      Bacon, eggs, hash browns, and cheese: The breakfast classics combine in an oh-so-easy morning pleaser. Assemble it in just 20 minutes, then refrigerate until you're ready to bake.

      Top-Notch Casseroles
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      Kale-Goat Cheese Frittata

      Kale makes this dish a vitamin A powerhouse; goat cheese adds a dose of naturally low-fat flavor and creaminess. This breakfast dish pulls together in just 25 minutes and serves six people.

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      Puffed Oven Pancake with Brown Sugar-Banana Sauce

      Despite this pancake's sophisticated presence, the breakfast recipe won't trap you in the kitchen. Rather than requiring a griddle, the pancake bakes up to puffy perfection in your oven. Prepare the luscious sauce the day before so you only have to reheat before topping and gently slicing the pancake.

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      Green Breakfast Smoothie

      Five ingredients plus ice are all it takes to whip up this low-cal breakfast smoothie recipe perfect for an on-the-go morning.

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      Black Bean and Corn Breakfast Burritos

      With peppy chiles, satisfying black beans, and crisp corn -- as well as eggs and cheese -- these handheld wraps are a breakfast taste sensation. The other sensational aspect of this easy breakfast idea: It's cooked and assembled in 30 minutes or less.

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      Spicy Brunch Lasagna

      Give the Italian-food-lovers at your breakfast table a reason to rejoice: Serve lasagna for breakfast! This morning-suited combination incorporates your favorite breakfast ingredients with Alfredo sauce and lasagna noodles. The lasagna needs to chill overnight, so in the morning you need only to bake the savory blend.

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      Smoked Chicken and Asparagus Strata

      Layers of focaccia, smoked chicken, and vegetables are soaked with a rich egg mixture in our hearty strata. Chilled overnight, it is ready to bake when you are.

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      Slow Cooker Steel-Cut Oatmeal

      Nothing warms body and soul quite like a hot bowl of oatmeal. Indulge morning guests (and picky eaters) with an easy-to-customize cereal. Simply set out an array of toppers so everyone can create their own tasty combinations.

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      Cornmeal-Sage Biscuits and Sausage Gravy

      Warm homemade sausage gravy and biscuits is the ultimate feel-good food. This variation on classic biscuits features sage to complement the flavors of the pork sausage. Cornmeal mixed with the flour adds a country accent.

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      Honey-Rum Fruit Salad

      If light, simple, and healthful are the watchwords for your breakfast, turn to fresh fruit. Berries, melons, grapes, and tropical and citrus fruits attract attention as a breakfast centerpiece. A dressing of mint, lime juice, rum, and honey bathes these fresh fruits with refreshing flavor.

      Refreshing Fruit Desserts
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