Breakfast Cereals

Although breakfast cereal often comes from a box, it can also be in the form of steamy oatmeal, freshly baked granola, or a tasty porridge. Nab our best breakfast cereal recipes for a unique breakfast you can customize to your family.

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Breakfast Cereal Ideas
How to Make Granola

Do-it-yourself granola ensures you get all your favorite dried fruits, nuts, and more. Customize it to suit your likes with our super easy step-by-step guide.

How to Cook Oatmeal

Know the difference between rolled oats, instant oats, quick-cooking oats, and steel-cut oats? Before you make oatmeal, check out these helpful hints and yummy stir-ins.

Good Morning Cereal Blend

Enjoy this healthy blend of crunchy granola, cereal, and sweet cranberries with milk or all on its own. We like it sprinkled over creamy yogurt of any flavor!


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