Cheese Souffle Dinner

Make weeknight dinner fast and easy. Here's a main course recipe and three suggestions for rounding it out into a complete meal. Find out how to effortlessly dress up starters, sides, and desserts to fit the meal's main course.

The Menu

Cheese Soufflé

  • Cheese Souffle (see recipe below)
  • Butter Lettuce Salad with Creamy Italian Dressing
  • Dill Biscuits with Ham
  • Fruit with Butter Cookies

Cheese Souffle makes such an elegant dinner that you'll want to make it often. Add Butter Lettuce Salad with Creamy Italian Dressing, Dill Biscuits with Ham, and a simple dessert of Fruit with Butter Cookies. Butter lettuce may be called Boston lettuce in your market. Keep a box of all-purpose baking mix on hand for making quick biscuits. They can be flavored in many ways.

Cheese Souffle


Butter Lettuce Salad with Creamy Italian Dressing

Wash and spin-dry butter lettuce. Dress salad at the last minute with a creamy Italian dressing.

Dill Biscuits with Ham

Prepare a batch of rolled biscuits using all-purpose baking mix, but substitute half-and-half or light cream for the milk in the recipe, and add chopped fresh dill to the dry ingredients. Bake as directed on package. Fill with thin-sliced ham to serve.

Fruit with Butter Cookies

Melon, pears, cherries -- any fruit in season served with butter cookies is a fitting end to this simple but elegant meal.