Easy Fish Tostadas with Chili Lime Cream

Flavorful tilapia fillets spice up dinner. Cook them on the broiler rack at the same time as your tostada shells for a super fast dinner.

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NEW Recipes from Our July Magazine

The latest recipes from Better Homes and Gardens are here. We're sharing nine irresistible things to make this month, including sweet cobblers, grilled ribs, and easy weeknight dishes.

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Avocado Toast Recipes to Make for Your Next Brunch

Think brunch is basic? Meet avocado toast. These Instagram-famous toasts are the best thing since sliced bread and can be topped with just about anything you like.

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15 Ways to Enjoy Wine All Summer Long

This summer, say good-bye to room-temperature red wine and slightly chilled whites. We've got 15 cool recipes to help you beat the heat, because we all need a little more wine in our lives.

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Freezer Breakfast Recipes

Introducing 19 easy, freezy breakfast recipes you'll love -- including nutty chocolate pancakes, fresh smoothies, freezer jams, and homey biscuits and gravy. Waking up to a yummy breakfast has never been easier.

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Vegetarian Potato Frittata -- Made In a Skillet!

This super-satisfying egg breakfast features a hearty mix of veggies and a nifty presentation thanks to a cooked-in-the-skillet technique.

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16 Snacks You Need for Your Next Netflix Binge

Netflix bingeing is now an official American pastime, so it only makes sense that it gets its own set of snack recipes. We've gathered some of our favorite snack ideas, from the sweet to the salty to the OMG amazing. Whip 'em up, settle in, and let the marathon begin.

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23 Time-Saving Slow Cooker Breakfast Recipes

Whether you're looking for a quick weekday breakfast or a leisurely Sunday brunch, all you'll need for delicious morning meals is a slow cooker! For breakfast on the go, we've got toasted granola, creamy yogurt, and overnight oatmeal. Entertain guests with delicious brunch favorites like French toast, quiche, and loaded hash browns -- all served up straight from the slow cooker.


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    • Sausage and Sweet Pepper Hash

      No need to wake up and stand over a skillet for a crisp, flavorful hash. All you'll need is a slow cooker and about 20 minutes of prep time for this tasty breakfast filled with sausage, potatoes, and sweet peppers.

    • Caramel-Banana-Pecan Bread Casserole

      Caramel, banana, and pecans turn a simple slow cooker recipe into this sticky-sweet breakfast wonder. Layers of cinnamon-packed bread cubes provide the perfect base for this gooey-good French toast casserole.

    • Homemade Yogurt

      Turn your slow cooker into a yogurt-maker! Thanks to the machine's steady, even heat, your homemade yogurt will be ultracreamy. Enjoy it plain or dress it up with a variety of mix-ins like fruit, granola, honey, or jam.
      Editor's Tip: For Greek yogurt, drain yogurt overnight through a strainer lined with cheesecloth. Don't toss the whey liquid -- it's perfect for smoothies and baking.

    • Slow Cooker Steel-Cut Oatmeal

      Why do we love this slow cooker oatmeal? Besides being totally delicious, it uses only three ingredients, takes 10 minutes to prep, and is ready to eat when you wake up in the morning. Bonus: Hearty steel-cut oats fill you up and keep you going throughout the morning.

    • Lemon and Poppy Seed Bread

      We can't resist light and airy lemon poppy seed bread (especially when it's been drizzled with a sweet vanilla glaze). So don't be surprised if your breakfast guests feel the same. Simply toss the mixed ingredients into your slow cooker and let it work its magic!

    • Crustless Spinach and Mushroom Quiche

      This prep-it-and-forget-it breakfast recipe is full of tasty ingredients, such as spinach, red peppers, and Gruyere cheese. Even better, the crustless quiche is topped with pieces of salty bacon -- yum!

    • Ham and Brie Bread Pudding

      Forget basic breakfast casseroles! Our tasty bread pudding version is full of creamy Brie, salty ham, and savory dried tomatoes. But the true secret to the full-bodied flavor of this slow cooker recipe? Instead of regular bread cubes, we used herbed focaccia.

    • Pear and Chai Breakfast Cake

      For those breakfast guests who let their sweet tooth rule the roost, this warm and gooey breakfast cake recipe will do the trick. Its lightly spiced chai flavoring and sweet pears make this slow cooker breakfast a crowd favorite.

    • Chile Verde Breakfast Lasagna

      Filled with breakfast favorites, such as sausage, eggs, and green peppers, our slow cooker breakfast gets a South-of-the-Border kick from spicy salsa verde and jalapenos.

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      Fruited Irish Oatmeal

      The key to this overnight oatmeal is Irish steel-cut oats. Unlike rolled oats, these whole grains have been cut into pieces, which gives them a heartier texture. For sweetness, we've stirred in cranberries, raisins, dried apricots, and a touch of maple syrup.

    • Bread from Your Slow Cooker! Pumpkin-Berry Bread
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      Warm Pumpkin-Berry Bread

      A breakfast pumpkin bread recipe that combines berries alongside brown sugar, maple syrup, and toasted pecans? Yes, please! And with just 15 minutes of prep before sticking it in the slow cooker, it's simply irresistible.

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      Loaded Hash Browns

      Spice up this popular breakfast hash with all the fixin's cooked right in! Not only does this hash brown recipe have its usual potatoes, but it's full of yummy sausage, mushrooms, peppers, and cheese, too.

    • Breakfast from your Slow Cooker: Slow-Toasted Granola Recipe
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      Slow-Toasted Granola

      Make this crunchy, fiber-filled granola the night before so it's ready to grab in the morning. Tossed with protein-rich peanut butter and sweetened with honey, this versatile treat is great on its own, sprinkled onto oatmeal, or layered with yogurt.

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      Sausage Gravy and Dumplings

      Turn your favorite biscuits and gravy recipe on its head with our no-fuss slow cooker version. Light and flaky dumplings take the place of biscuits atop sausage gravy in this easy breakfast recipe.

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      Apple-Spiked Monkey Bread

      Our apple-infused monkey bread recipe is warm, gooey, and scrumptious. But the best part? The cake pulls apart into individual bites -- which means eating this breakfast recipe is fun, too.

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      Raspberry Cocoa with Chocolate-Hazelnut Cream

      Perfect for brunch, this indulgent hot cocoa is an adults-only treat! A splash of raspberry liqueur, chocolate-hazelnut whipped cream, and fresh raspberries combine for an elegant drink served straight from the slow cooker.

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      Creme Brulee French Toast

      Start your morning on a sweet note with a scrumptious six-ingredient French toast casserole. Caramel ice cream topping drizzled on top adds an extra layer of sweetness to this slow cooker breakfast.

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      Ham, Gouda, and Potato Bake

      Skip the diner for your morning meal and prepare this cheesy breakfast ham bake at home. Potatoes, ham, red peppers, and eggs perch atop toasted English muffins to make this hearty breakfast recipe.

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      Sherried Fruit

      Pineapple, plums, pears, and apples make up this sherried fruit recipe that can be served atop oatmeal, pancakes, or waffles. Just chop the fruit, prep the brown sugar sweetener, and pop it all into your slow cooker!

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      Bittersweet Hot Chocolate

      This rich and creamy hot chocolate recipe requires just 5 minutes of prep time before simmering in your slow cooker. Don't forget to top this steamy drink with sweet marshmallows to finish!

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      Maple Brunch Cake with Apples and Cranberries

      Have cake for breakfast! Your guests will love this brunch-perfect treat topped with caramelized apples and studded with tart cranberries. With just 238 calories a slice, it's a guilt-free treat to start your morning.

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      Mulled Cranberry Punch

      When there's a chill in the air, serve up this ruby-red drink brimming with the warm flavors of cinnamon, cloves, and allspice. Add a citrusy spin with fresh orange slices.

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