Shortcut Breads & Rolls

Delicious breads and dinner rolls don't have to involve kneading, punching down, and long rise times. These easy-to-make, flavorful bread recipes start with purchased doughs and are quickly transformed into elegant, partyworthy breads.


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    • Brandied Blue Cheese Bread

      Looking for a bold bread? Look no further. Pungent blue cheese, fresh chives, and a dash of brandy give this delectable bread unbeatable flavor.

    • Parmesan Rosettes

      A quick dip into a mixture of herbs and cheese transforms purchased breadsticks into a partyworthy recipe. The rosette shape lends a touch of elegance.

    • Crescent Roll Cinnamon Rolls

      Use purchased crescent rolls to make cinnamon rolls in less than 30 minutes. A simple drizzle of powdered sugar icing makes these sweets irresistible.

    • Cheddar-Bacon Loaf

      In just 20 minutes you can be enjoying warm, cheesy, bacon-sprinkled bread. Just a tiny amount of mustard melds all the yummy flavors together.

    • Oregano-Manchego Cheese Straws

      Puff pastry is any baker’s friend when time is of the essence. With a simple layering of pastry, cheese, and herbs, you’ve got impressive-looking breadsticks that explode with flavor. 

    • Cran-Sage Rolls

      Filled with flavors of cranberry, ginger, and sage, these pretty spiral rolls are a must-have bread for autumn. Garnish each roll with a small sage leaf for gorgeous presentation.

    • Apple-Garlic Loaves

      The flavorful apple and garlic topping, which can be made ahead, combines tart and savory flavors. Slice the bread into large chunks to enjoy some of the topping on each piece.

    • How to Roast Garlic

      Add a spread of sweet and pungent roasted garlic to any bread for unbeatable flavor.

    • Easy Sticky Buns

      Sweet, gooey sticky buns are a crowd favorite for breakfast or dessert. With our sweet topping, you can make a sticky bun fix-up from most any variety of purchased breakfast roll.

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      Checkerboard Rolls

      Frozen rolls get dressed up with two distinct flavorful toppings. When placed side by side, the result is as delicious as it is attractive.

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      Bacon-Wrapped Breadsticks

      Bread and bacon -- is there any happier combination? With such popular flavors, you might want to make a double batch as these breadsticks are sure to disappear fast.

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      Focaccia Breadsticks

      Add pizzazz to plain breadsticks with the bold flavors of rosemary, dried tomatoes, and Romano cheese. For a finishing touch, sprinkle breadsticks with additional cheese the last few minutes of baking.

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      Green Onion Parker House Biscuits

      These delectable cheese- and onion-flavor biscuits make a perfect serve-along for soups, salads, and even holiday roasts.

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      Whether it's banana bread or a hearty wheat loaf, freshly baked bread can complete a meal and bring the family together. These bread recipes offer a flavor for every palate, and a bread for every occasion.
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