Ultimate Biscuit Recipes

Even the most basic biscuits are a real treat, hot from the oven. Keep it simple or choose from our wide variety of savory and sweet biscuits.
Classic Buttermilk Biscuits Classic Buttermilk Biscuits

Everything you dream about in a biscuit is here -- flaky layers, buttermilk flavor, and buttery browned tops. We recommend serving them piping hot with honey, preserves, or a light slather of butter.

Bruschetta Biscuits with Feta Bruschetta Biscuits with Feta

Pack your favorite bruschetta toppings -- we like spinach, basil, dried tomatoes, and olives -- into savory biscuits topped with feta cheese and pine nuts.

Up-and-Down Biscuits Up-and-Down Biscuits

Stack cinnamon-sugar biscuit strips accordion-style, and watch them artfully puff and separate as they bake. A lacy drizzle of icing makes them irresistible.

Biscuit Blossoms Biscuit Blossoms

Serve a bouquet of biscuit blossoms for your next dinner. No rolling or biscuit cutters needed; just hand-roll the buttermilk-and-onion dough into small balls and place three in each muffin cup with a mini-tomato center.

Honey and Poppy Seed Biscuits Honey and Poppy Seed Biscuits

For the best of both worlds -- convenient and homemade -- start with a biscuit mix and stir in a bit more personality. Whirl cottage cheese, milk, and honey in the blender and add along with poppy seeds to the mix.

Icebox Biscuits Icebox Biscuits

These light and airy biscuits are often termed angel biscuits, because they call for yeast and have a short rise step. The icebox title comes from the fact that you can chill the dough for up to three days before baking.

Cranberry-Orange Biscuits Cranberry-Orange Biscuits

Add fruity biscuits to your morning lineup. These cranberry-studded quick breads use a carton of orange yogurt for flavor and richness.

Quaker Bonnet Biscuits Quaker Bonnet Biscuits

Smaller biscuits sit atop larger ones to make clever bonnets that shine with an egg-yolk wash. The recipe makes two dozen, so keep it in mind for entertaining or freeze some for another occasion.

Sweet Potato Biscuits Sweet Potato Biscuits

Sweet potatoes -- fresh or canned -- color and flavor these rich, flaky rounds. Garnish each one with a fresh sage leaf before baking if you like.

Whole Grain Berry Biscuits Whole Grain Berry Biscuits

Combine whole wheat flour, oats, and whole bran cereal with plump, fresh blueberries for a drop biscuit that's easy and healthy.

Over-the-Coals Biscuits Over-the-Coals Biscuits

You can bake these biscuits outdoors on the grill, making them a yummy option for camping, picnicking, or backyard barbecues. Bring along your favorite jam, or split the biscuits and stuff them with sandwich fillings or scrambled eggs and Canadian bacon.

Peppery White Cheddar Biscuits Peppery White Cheddar Biscuits

These peppery, cheese-filled squares pair well with soup or salad for a simple dinner.