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Orange and Spice Tea
Orange and Spice Tea

Orange and Spice Tea Cinnamon and cloves spice this orange-flavored tea.


Peach-Mint Green Tea Peach nectar and fresh mint add a twist to this lightly sweetened green tea.


Citrus Eye Opener Two fruit concentrates -- orange juice and lemonade -- give punch to this brunch drink.


Fruit Smoothies This yogurt-berry smoothie makes a quick and filling breakfast or snack.

Berry-Lemon Trifle
Berry-Lemon Trifle

Berry-Lemon Trifle This simple yogurt and berry dessert starts with angel food cake. Either a homemade or a bakery cake will do.


Marmalade-Glazed Pears Not only are these easy orange-glazed pears low in calories and fat, you can also make them ahead.


Summer Fruit with Minted Yogurt When summer produce is at its peak, you'll have no trouble finding your favorite fruits to mix and match in this "plum good" dessert.


Warm Chocolate Bread Pudding Chocolate and orange flavor this warm bread pudding.



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