A perfectly done steak makes an easy weeknight meal just as easily as a fancy steak supper. T-bone, strip, ribeye, flank, sirloin -- whatever the steak and whatever the occasion, the secret to perfect steak is proper cooking. Get started on your journey to properly cooking steak with our best steak recipes. Start easy with your pick of 30-minute beef steak recipes to get big flavor without a big time investment. Many of these quick-fix beef steak dinners are cooked in a skillet, so there's no need for fancy equipment. Next, try your hand at grilled steak. We've got a guide for the best steaks for the grill. The enticing flavor combinations in our grilled steak recipes will elevate your steak to the next level, whether feeding the kids or serving holiday guests. Whatever your preferred cooking method—skillet, grilling, broiling, or even smoking—we have a wealth of steak recipes that are simple to prepare and that the whole family will love.

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Make the Perfect Grilled Steak

It's hard to beat the aroma and flavor of steak on the grill. Make it right with these tips.

Steak Tenderloin with Grilled Corn Relish

A rich and creamy corn relish and bacon add juiciness to this succulent steak tenderloin.

Selecting a Great Steak

All great steak recipes start with the perfect cut of meat. Get our handy tips and learn how to cook a steak!

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