Easy Fish Tostadas with Chili Lime Cream

Flavorful tilapia fillets spice up dinner. Cook them on the broiler rack at the same time as your tostada shells for a super fast dinner.

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NEW Recipes from Our July Magazine

The latest recipes from Better Homes and Gardens are here. We're sharing nine irresistible things to make this month, including sweet cobblers, grilled ribs, and easy weeknight dishes.

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Avocado Toast Recipes to Make for Your Next Brunch

Think brunch is basic? Meet avocado toast. These Instagram-famous toasts are the best thing since sliced bread and can be topped with just about anything you like.

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15 Ways to Enjoy Wine All Summer Long

This summer, say good-bye to room-temperature red wine and slightly chilled whites. We've got 15 cool recipes to help you beat the heat, because we all need a little more wine in our lives.

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Freezer Breakfast Recipes

Introducing 19 easy, freezy breakfast recipes you'll love -- including nutty chocolate pancakes, fresh smoothies, freezer jams, and homey biscuits and gravy. Waking up to a yummy breakfast has never been easier.

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Vegetarian Potato Frittata -- Made In a Skillet!

This super-satisfying egg breakfast features a hearty mix of veggies and a nifty presentation thanks to a cooked-in-the-skillet technique.

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16 Snacks You Need for Your Next Netflix Binge

Netflix bingeing is now an official American pastime, so it only makes sense that it gets its own set of snack recipes. We've gathered some of our favorite snack ideas, from the sweet to the salty to the OMG amazing. Whip 'em up, settle in, and let the marathon begin.

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Our Favorite Apple Recipes

Fall's favorite fruit is delicious in savory dishes as well as sweet. We've paired apples with pork, chicken, and vegetables to create innovative dinners and snacks.


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    • Apple Cider Chicken

      Cider, apple brandy, and cinnamon spice up traditional chicken stew with warm fall flavors. Red and green apples add festive color to this hearty one-dish recipe.

    • Pork Chops with Apples & Greens

      Day-old bread makes great crumbs for a crispy pork breading. Top with apples and spinach in a honey-mustard sauce.

    • Stuffed Pork Chops with Apples & Walnuts

      Stuff your pork chops with a savory-sweet apple filling for a delicious new dinner idea. Top with a creamy sauce infused with apple juice.

    • Ricotta, Gorgonzola & Honey Spread

      Load baguette slices with ricotta mixed with fresh thyme, rosemary, and Gorgonzola cheese. Garnish with apple slices for an irresistible appetizer combo.

    • Apple-Bourbon Country-Style Pork Ribs

      Fill your kitchen with the irresistible aroma of slow-cooked pork ribs simmering with apples and bourbon to create an easy, flavorful barbecue dish that only looks like you spent all day in the kitchen.


    • Apple & Sausage Rigatoni

      This five-ingredient recipe pairs sweet apples with spicy sausage and creamy Gorgonzola cheese for a 30-minute dinner that's easy and totally delicious.

    • Apple-Bacon Burger

      Mix ground beef, italian sausage, and green apples to form burger patties. Top with apple slices and our homemade mayonnaise mixture for a truly unique burger recipe.

    • Nutty Gorgonzola Apple Rings

      A sweet mix of candied walnuts, cheese, and honey tops apple slices for a quick and healthy snack.

    • Pork Tenderloin with Apples & Onions

      Cooked apples and onions provide a mellow, sweet flavor perfect for pairing with a lightly seasoned pork tenderloin. In a skillet, this fall family favorite takes only 30 minutes to prepare.

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      Spiced Pork & Apples

      For a simple, flavorful meal idea, marinate pork in a ginger-packed Asian marinade overnight. The next day, bake your pork with apples and leftover marinade for a 20-minute dinner.

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      Apple-Anise Pizza

      Baked Granny Smith apples and shallots pair with the sharp, nutty flavors of walnuts and anise atop a crispy bread shell. Melty cheese and a drizzle of honey make this recipe perfect for a fall appetizer or snack. 

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      Turkey, Bacon & Apple Club

      The classic turkey club gets a fresh makeover with the help of a thyme-mustard mayonnaise and tart, crunchy apple slices.

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      Apple-Buttered Sweet Potatoes

      Fall flavors like pumpkin pie spice, apple butter, and dried cranberries liven up this autumn squash and apple side dish.

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      Apple Sherried Fruit

      Whip up this delicious glaze for a fruity waffle topping served warm from your slow cooker. Brown sugar and sherry combine with plums, apples, pears, and apricots for a delightful fall fruit topping.

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      Curried Cider Pork Stew

      There's a reason our slow cooker apple-and-pork stew recipe gets such rave reviews: It's packed with squash, carrots, and a hint of apple sweetness. Though optional, the sour cream, orange peel, and oregano topping is worth making.

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      Ginger-Apple Glazed Chicken

      A ginger-apple glaze does double duty coating the grilled chicken and adding flavor to a spinach, apple, and leek mixture.

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      Apple & Cheddar Penne Pie

      Mac and cheese gets an elegant makeover thanks to a springform pan, which allows this cheesy pasta dish to become a crispy, eye-catching pie. Thyme and sliced apples make a tasty garnish.

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      Apple-Glazed Pork Loaf

      A fun take on meat loaf, our pork loaf combines sweet apple chunks with baked apples and apple jelly. Serve on ciabatta rolls with sweet potatos.

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      Apple, Ham & Brie Panini

      Tart green apples and savory cranberry sauce add a fruity twist to traditional ham sandwiches. Heat them in a grill pan, skillet, or panini press for a toasted version.

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