Another Side of Passover

Fruit Tzimmes
Fruit Tzimmes

Fruit Tzimmes This dish also makes a delicious dessert compote.


Passover Carrot-Nut Cake As with all sponge cakes, it's important to beat the eggs thoroughly as directed. Grind carrots and walnuts with the fine blade of a food grinder or use a food processor.


Matzo Brownies In the Jewish custom, meat and dairy foods are not eaten at the same meal. Pareve (PAHR uh vuh), or neutral foods, such as eggs, are allowed. Margarine, if labeled pareve, is permitted.


Fig-Apricot Almond Torte A nutty, country-style cake.


Passover Forgotten Torte with Raspberry Sauce You can make both the billowy white torte and its sauce ahead of time.


Farfel Pudding This apricot- and raisin-flavored dessert is good served warm or cold.


Holiday Tortes Because there is no leavening, the tops of the cakes stay fairly flat. If serving these on Passover, check with your local rabbinical authorities to make sure the use of matzoh meal is part of your temple's tradition.


Chocolate Brazil Nut Torte Passover -- the Jewish celebration of freedom -- is a time when certain foods, such as unleavened grains, are eaten. This intensely chocolaty torte manages to achieve a featherlight texture without rising to the occasion.


Chocolate Macaroons Semisweet chocolate complements the coconut in these chewy cookies. Since they are leavened with beaten egg whites, rather than leavening agents or yeast which are forbidden during Passover, they are an ideal dessert for the holiday.

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