Anchovies are the main ingredient in these scrumptious recipes.
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Anchovies are not sardines -- the two are often sold interchangeably -- but a sardine can sometimes be an anchovy, because "sardine" is a generic term, often applied to various types of small, soft-boned, saltwater fish. Very small anchovies may be sold as whitebait.

Common forms: Whole and beheaded fresh; whole and beheaded salted; fillets, packed in two-ounce cans.

General description: Small, shiny silver fish, often with red eyes. Small, virtually nonexistent scales; edible skin.


Pissaladiere Prounounced pee-sah-lah-DYEHR, these caramelized onion tarts are a specialty of southern France, where the anchovies are always placed in an X.


Mediterranean Potato Salad Kalamata olives, anchovies, and capers make these creamy potatoes truly distinctive.


Chicken Scallopini with Tomatoes Tomatoes, olives, and anchovy fillets top these thin pieces of chicken breast.


Fried Mozzarella with Anchovy Dip These sophisticated mini grilled mozzarella cheese sandwiches are served with a garlic, caper, and anchovy mixture.


Olive Paste Crostini A creamy spread of olives, capers, anchovy and garlic crowns these toasted bread slices.


Pasta Michaele This anchovy, kalamata olives, and caper mixture, tossed with hot cooked pasta, may become your favorite pasta dish.


Penne with Rustic Tomatoes Simmering the tomatoes and seasonings in a large, wide skillet intensifies the flavor and cooks the sauce more quickly.


Greek Shrimp Salad Anchovies are small saltwater fish noted for their intense flavor. Most are cured in salt, then canned in oil or brine, which gives them a salty flavor.



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