Ahoy, Shrimp!

Your next shrimp feast will have big flavor with these recipes for appetizers, entrees, and salads.
Shrimp Recipes


Coconut Shrimp on Romaine Leaves

Coconut Shrimp on Romaine Leaves If you are a fan of Thai cuisine, you will recognize this appetizer's ingredient combination.


Marinated Shrimp and Artichokes All you have to do to finish this make-ahead appetizer (left) is thread the marinated shrimp and artichoke hearts on skewers with the cherry tomatoes.


Tequila-Marinated Shrimp Make this appetizer from Margaritaville up to 24 hours before party time.



Fettuccine with Shrimp

Fettuccine with Shrimp A few hours before dinner, shell and devein the shrimp, chop the vegetables, snip the herbs, and stash all in the fridge. Just before dinner, as the pasta cooks, retrieve the bits and pieces and put the main dish together -- in minutes.


Hot-and-Sour-Shrimp Bok choy, a.k.a. white mustard cabbage or Chinese white cabbage, is available in most supermarket produce departments. If you can't find rice sticks in your supermarket, you will find them in Asian food stores.


Garlicky Shrimp and Olives Imagine an elegant dinner, for two, by candlelight, with the entree made in minutes, and racking up only 101 calories per serving!


Ginger-Glazed Shrimp Kabobs Round up just four ingredients for a tasty glaze to brush onto shrimp as it grills. It also serves as a dipping sauce at the dinner table.

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