7 Centerpieces

Citrus Arrangement with Votives

Citrus Centerpiece. Leaf-
Wrapped Votives are
shown in detail below.

Citrus fruits steal the spotlight away from flowers in this easy and fragrant table decoration.

If you're short on space, skip the centerpiece and run the votive candles (shown below) down the center of the table.

Select a tablecloth in complementary colors or patterns to bring it all together.


What You Need:

  • Wire basket
  • Limes, lemons, kumquats
  • Citrus or salal leaves
  • Stephanotis -- a woody vine with fragrant white flowers
  • Small knife


1. Fill the basket with fruit, clustering the kumquats to best bring out the vibrant orange.

2. Randomly halve several of each fruit. Try slicing lemons and limes lengthwise; different shapes are more interesting.

3. Insert salal or citrus leaves throughout.

4. Tuck stephanotis in and around the basket. Note: Wait until the basket is at its final destination to complete this step.

Leaf-Wrapped Votives

What You Need:

Finished votive is at lower right.

  • Glass votive candleholders
  • Citrus leaves or salal
  • Rubber bands
  • Wire-edged ribbon
  • Scissors


1. Wrap citrus leaves around the candleholder, and secure with a rubber band.

2. Trim the bottom of the leaves so they are flush with bottom of the candleholder.

3. Cut wire-edge ribbon and wrap around the candleholder, twisting it securely into place.

4. Finish off the ribbon ends by cutting an inward V.

5. Snip and remove the rubber band.

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