7 Centerpieces

Cranberry Relish

Pucker up: This sweet and tart arrangement of cranberries and red and white roses sets just the right tone for a romantic dinner.

What You Need:

Cranberries and roses
combine for color.

  • A glass compote or similar large, stemmed bowl
  • An antique framed mirror
  • Galax leaves or other foliage
  • Floral foam
  • Roses
  • Rose leaves or purple kale
  • Fresh cranberries


1. Line the glass compote with galax leaves or other foliage.

2. Cut a piece of floral foam so it extends an inch or so above the dish. Soak foam in water.

3. Cut rose stems to three to five inches; insert compactly in the foam.

4. For additional color, fill in with rose leaves or purple kale.

5. Set the compote in the center of an antique framed mirror and scatter fresh cranberries over the mirror. The arrangement may be removed from the mirror after dinner and replaced with dessert on a pretty cake stand.

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