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Stuck in a recipe rut? Try our assortment of versatile recipes, nutritious menus, and expert cooking tips. We've assembled the most delicious Better Homes and Gardens recipes and how-to instructions for every occasion, whether you need a creamy chicken casserole for a potluck dinner or quick and easy snacks for your next tailgate party. Our new and exciting recipes include tasty desserts and appetizers, as well as savory soups and salads that are sure to inspire your breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus. If you're on a time crunch or a budget, we have cheap and easy recipes, including slow cooker meals, no-bake dinners, and delectable pasta recipes complete with protein and veggies. Plus, we make the holidays less hectic by providing a collection of flavorful holiday recipes packed with seasonal ingredients.

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Back-to-School Snacks
S'mores Recipes Galore!

Try these sticky-sweet snacks any time of the year with our delicious twists on traditional s'mores recipes.

Watch: Two-Step Hummus

Just two steps separate you and smooth, toasty homemade hummus. Watch our snack secret!

Healthy Snack Recipes

Opt for one of our 200-calorie-or-less snacks rather than cruising the vending machine the next time your stomach growls.

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Fruit Favorites
Mouthwatering Mango Recipes

Blushing mangoes are sweet, tropical, and taste fabulous on almost anything!

Free: Strawberry Recipe Collection

Register for 60 of our most delicious entrees, drinks, and desserts with strawberries.

Bright Orange Dessert Ideas

Add a hint of tartness to your dessert recipes with freshly squeezed oranges.

Easy Dinner Recipes: 30 Minutes and You're Done!
30-Minute Chicken Dinners

The entire family will love these easy ideas for chicken breast, salad, soup, and sandwiches.

Quick and Easy Meal Ideas

Skip the drive-through and opt for our easy recipes that make weeknight dinners a breeze.

Fast-Fix Weeknight Dinners

If you have 30 minutes, you have time for these quick and easy dinner recipes.

Free: Fast and Simple Dinner Ideas

Get dinner on the table quickly with our collection of delicious entrees.

Fun Food Trends
Amazing Muffin Tin Recipes

Discover the magic of muffin tins with these fun ways to transform your favorite recipes.

DIY Zucchini Noodles

You won't believe how easy it is to prepare these gluten-free vegetable noodles.

Cooking with Chia Seeds

Incorporate this trendy seed into your diet by sprinkling it into your favorite foods.

Top Food Categories
Slow Cooker Recipes
  • Spring Slow Cooker Recipes

    Cook with your slow cooker in any season. Fresh spring produce shines in our easy spring slow cooker recipes.

  • Summer Slow Cooker Recipes

    No need to heat up your kitchen. Our summer slow cooker recipes let you make dinner without turning on the oven.

  • Skinny Slow Cooker

    Our skinny slow cooker recipes make it easy to eat healthy. Prepare a healthy slow cooker meal tonight!

Casserole Recipes
  • Chicken Casserole Recipes

    Craving comfort food? Try a chicken casserole. Your family will love our satisfying chicken casserole recipes.

  • Healthy Casseroles

    Healthy casseroles make it easy to eat smart. Throw together a healthy casserole recipe to please the family.

  • Breakfast Casseroles

    Try a breakfast casserole filled with eggs, potatoes, and more for your next brunch get-together.

Healthy Recipes
Quick and Easy Recipes

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