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Stuck in a recipe rut? Try our assortment of versatile recipes, nutritious menus, and expert cooking tips. We've assembled the most delicious Better Homes and Gardens recipes and how-to instructions for every occasion, whether you need a creamy chicken casserole for your potluck dinner or quick and easy snacks for your next tailgate party. Our new and exciting recipes include tasty desserts and appetizers, as well as savory soups and salads that are sure to inspire your breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus. For those on a time crunch or a budget, we have cheap and easy recipes, including slow cooker meals, no-bake dinners, and delectable pasta recipes complete with protein and veggies. Plus, we make the holidays less hectic by providing a collection of flavorful holiday recipes packed with seasonal ingredients.

Seasonal Favorites
Fresh Artichoke Recipes

Try this tender green veggie in lasagnas, pizzas, nachos, and more!

Sweet Rhubarb Desserts

Capture the flavors of spring with these tantalizing rhubarb desserts.

Fiesta! Cinco de Mayo Recipes
Delectable Taco Recipes

Set up a taco buffet this Cinco de Mayo with all your favorite Mexican fixings.

Our Best Mexican Recipes

Turn dinner into a celebration with fresh and flavorful Mexican favorites.

14 Ideas for Guacamole

Try these twists on traditional guacamole for a fiesta-ready appetizer.

Make-and-Take Potluck Dishes
Spring Potluck Sides and Salads

Bring something new to the table this season with our flavorful side-dish recipes.

Healthy Potluck Recipes

These tasty, healthy potluck dishes are perfect for your next gathering.

Fresh and Flavorful Salad Recipes
18 Pasta Salads To Try

Brighten your potluck or picnic with these easy pasta salads.

Fresh Chicken Salad Recipes

Packed with protein, these salads are anything but ordinary.

Fantastic Green Salads

Try our collection of irresistible garden-fresh salad recipes.

Kentucky Derby Drinks
Bright and Colorful Drinks

These gorgeous cocktails feature tons of tasty flavors in an array of vibrant hues.

Classic Cocktail Recipes

Mix up your favorite classic cocktails, including Derby favorites like mint juleps.

Creative Recipes Using Fresh Ingredients
Colorful Ways to Cook with Lemon

Pucker up to a delicious meal with these unexpected citrus-studded recipes.

New Ideas for Asparagus

Transform bright spears of asparagus into flatbread, spring rolls, and more!

Surprising Uses for Strawberries

Transform plump, juicy strawberries into more than just smoothies and shortcakes.

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Top Food Categories
Slow Cooker Recipes
  • Spring Slow Cooker Recipes

    Cook with your slow cooker in any season. Fresh spring produce shines in our easy spring slow cooker recipes.

  • Summer Slow Cooker Recipes

    No need to heat up your kitchen. Our summer slow cooker recipes let you make dinner without turning on the oven.

  • Skinny Slow Cooker

    Our skinny slow cooker recipes make it easy to eat healthy. Prepare a healthy slow cooker meal tonight!

Casserole Recipes
  • Chicken Casserole Recipes

    Craving comfort food? Try a chicken casserole. Your family will love our satisfying chicken casserole recipes.

  • Healthy Casseroles

    Healthy casseroles make it easy to eat smart. Throw together a healthy casserole recipe to please the family.

  • Breakfast Casseroles

    Try a breakfast casserole -- filled with eggs, potatoes, and more – for your next brunch get-together.

Healthy Recipes
Quick and Easy Recipes

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