Haunted House

Decorate toaster pastries to form these haunted houses to share with friends at a Halloween party.

Haunted House
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Haunted House

Canned vanilla icing
Cocoa powder
Yellow food coloring
toaster pastries (we used Frosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop-Tarts)
Honey graham cracker
Mini pretzel sticks
chocolate snack stick
Candy pumpkin
Fudge stick cookies
Black decorating gel
Mini or petite bats and ghost icing decorations


  1. Use cocoa powder to tint some icing brown and yellow food coloring to tint some icing yellow. Use a sharp knife to diagonally cut one toaster pastry in half and secure one half to the second toaster pastry with brown icing for the roof.
  2. From the graham cracker, break off one rectangle for the door and cut two 1-inch squares for the windows. Frost the windows with yellow icing. Attach the windows and the door with brown icing. Attach 1-inch lengths of pretzel sticks along the vertical edges of the windows for the shutters. Attach a snack stick and a candy pumpkin on the door. Use brown icing to secure a fudge stick cookie at the bottom of the house for the step and at the top of the roof for the chimney. Use black gel to pipe the windowpanes to add squiggle lines over the house. Use icing to attach bat and ghost decorations.

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