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So this past May we began an extensive remodel project, doing all of the work ourselves. We were determined to get a kitchen even Martha Stewart would be jealous of yet spending as little as possible. The finished project is stunning! We have new cabinets, new counters made from red oak, new sink, new faucet, new wiring, new light fixtures, new backsplash, new faucet, new window, even new dishes, dining table and more! And the great thing is we did all of this for $1340.62! Though it took more time, we were patient and compared prices, used coupons and offers, and sought out and re-used/re-purposed items. For example, we found a brand new, never used Kohler cast iron sink that is beautiful, retailed for $350.00 at Lowes, found locally that someone had bought and never used in a remodel and bought for $100.00. Also, for lighting over the sink we designed the fixtures from two antique blue ball jars, they are perfect with the country theme. We also added our own personal touches with two of the upper cabinet doors sporting faux etched glass designs, and some of our antique finds displayed inside the cabinets.

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