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It all started with a roasting pan.... The idea was to put in a small garden area in the parking area for me, a place where the kids couldn't dig and the dogs couldn't chew.. In this small garden went a few shrubs, some flowers and the roasting pan I mentioned.. The roasting pan was buried in the ground, I put in a small water pump with a fish spitter. Thats was just the beginning... As the theory goes water features are addicting... The next summer I put in a 90 gallon pond, there went parking spot #1. But that just wasn't big enough... The next summer I went bigger, 350 gallons and there went Parking spot #2... Living in a trailer court I know my neighbors had to think I was nuts, but they bared with me.. Today my little garden is my home away from home, its where I go to read, relax and just enjoy. My garden has brought me tons of joy... Birds of all sorts come to visit.. Once a toad came to stay for about a week... Its been eight years since that roasting pan and ever

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