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It was always a given that my gift to any new bride would be the latest edition of the BHG Cookbook. Being a Home Ec teacher, I always loved cookbooks and BHG "red plaid" was a favorite. When I retired I took on the mission of compiling a complete set which would show every cover change from 1930 to the present. It's been a very exciting experience searching Ebay, antique malls, flea markets and yard sales. With these and a few gifts from my kids I now have 30. It seemed the hardest edition to find was the 1939 edition which had a very different cover and had special meaning to me as that is my birth year. My most treasured find has been the 5th printing Deluxe Edition, Jan 1944 which included "A New Wartime Cooking Supplement". It included meal planning tips for shopping to save time, gasoline and tires during times of shortage and rationed portions. That Wartime Supplement really includes quite a lesson in history.I count my blessings each time I look at that edition on my shelf.

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