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This is a photo of me with my 1962 edition of BH&G cookbook. I had gotten married in 1958 (age 17), but had never purchased a cookbook. In 1963, my husband & I were stationed in Wurzburg, Germany. The men went out on maneuvers one week & my Korean neighbor brought over her copy of BH&G cookbook and asked me to teach her how to make some of the recipes in it. I did, & also borrowed it and tried several myself. This was when i bought my own copy at the base exchange. So, I tell people that I had to go to Germany, meet a Korean lady in order to buy an American cookbook! It was my ONLY cookbook for many years. I have not only worn out the backong, but also the duck tape that I had repaired it with. I have many cookbooks now, but this one is still my favorite. My Mom got herself one in 1976, and I now have it also.

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