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My BFF, Gloria, received 7 red plaid BHG cookbooks as shower and wedding gifts in 1962. Most of them were given to others as “presents” even though re-gifting was not considered acceptable in 1962. As a member of the wedding party, I received one of these treasures. We have both used the books, but in different ways. Glor is the consummate homemaker who has taught her three daughters to cook with red plaid as the cook’s gospel. I have taken the career route and have had many successful dinner/holiday parties thanks to the BGH’s book of easy speak. Both of our cookbooks are still in use even though they are held together with duct tape. Glor’s avocation is photography, so here’s a photo of her book as she prepares some apple and pear cobbler. Love to Gloria from Judy PS. We’ve been friends since 1947!

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