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Popular in Pets

Pop Art Pup

Computer-generated images of a favorite canine are fetching when repeated over and over.

What You Need:

A card with a single image and a tag made with real doggy treats carry out the theme of this pet project.
  • Photo of a family pet or other animal
  • Home computer with a scanner and greeting card software or a color photocopier
  • Solid-color paper
  • Corrugated paper or card stock
  • Crafts knife
  • Transparent tape
  • Purchased envelope
  • 2 bone-shape dog treats
  • Manila tie-on tag
  • Ribbon
  • Glue gun and hotmelt adhesive
  • Nontoxic black marker


1. Cut out desired image from photo.

2. To make the wrapping paper on a computer, scan the image onto the computer. Repeat the image in rows.

3. To use a photocopier, print and cut out multiple copies of the same image. Glue the images to a single sheet of paper for a template.

4. Using a crafts knife, cut a square in the front of the corrugated paper or card stock to form a frame. Tape an image from the printed wrap to the inside of the card opening.

5. Hot-glue two dog treats to the tag, aligning one above the other. Cut slits the same width as the ribbon above and below the top bone and below the bottom bone.

6. Working from front to back, slide a ribbon end through each slit near the top bone. Slide both ends of the ribbon from back to front through the slit near the bottom bone. Glue the ribbon in place; trim the ends.

7. Write the pet's name on the bottom bone. The bones are not meant to be eaten.


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