Pet Craft Projects

Show your love for a pet with these sweet pet projects and crafts.


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More Pet Projects
Scrapbook a Pet

Save the memories of your furry friend with scrapbook pages.

Pet-Friendly Homes

Smart ways to make your home a safe pet-friendly haven.

Pet Cafe

Store your dog's food in style with these ideas!

Everything in Pet Craft Projects
Gifts for Pets
  • Cute Knitted Collars

    Give your pooch a cozy collar with these simple knits.

  • Felted Fish for Kitty

    Keep Whiskers entertained for hours with this easy project.

  • Knit a Toy Fido Will Love

    If your dog loves to play catch or tug-of-war, you don't have to settle for a store-bought toy with this knitted fa...

  • Petstocking

    On a special holiday treat your pet with his own Christmas stocking. Filled with doggie treats he will be your fait...

Pet Bowls
  • Pet Cafe

    Tired of tripping over food bowls? Here are some creative solutions for pet food storage.

  • Pet Place Mats

    Create a holiday place mat for your pet. You may like it so much you'll make one for yourself, too!

Pet Pillows & Beds
Pet-Theme Gifts
  • Perfect Pet Frames

    The cutest pets deserve to have their picture in this adorable frame.

  • Pet Scrapbooks

    Don't forget your favorite furry friends when collecting things for your scrapbook.

  • Pop Art Pup

    Computer-generated images of a favorite canine are fetching when repeated over and over.


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