30 College Mascot Names for Your Dog

What's more all-American: man's best friend or college sports? We won't make you choose! Here are 30 college mascot names perfect for your pooch.

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Give your dog a name with a little history behind it by naming your canine after one of these college mascots. Here's a list of some fun names to choose from for your big dog on campus.

1. Bernie: Name your No. 1 fan after this big-dog mascot.
School: Siena College, New York
Breed/Animal: Saint Bernard

2. Blizzard T. Husky: This chilly mascot is known for ice-skating before home hockey matches.
School: Michigan Tech University, Michigan
Breed/Animal: Husky

3. Boss and Blitz: Perfect for your top dogs.
School: Wofford College, South Carolina
Breed/Animal: Boston terrier

4. Bruiser: A fitting name if your pup likes to play rough.
School: Adrian College, Michigan
Breed/Animal: Bulldog

5. Brutus: This name means heavy, slow, and foolish—appropriate for your lackadaisical pooch.
School: Ferris State University, Michigan
Breed/Animal: Bulldog

6. Bully: Take control of your bullheaded pooch by giving it a relevant name.
School: Mississippi State University, Mississippi
Breed/Animal: Bulldog

7. Champ: Give your pup the right attitude with this winning name.
Schools: Louisiana Tech University, Louisiana; University of Minnesota Duluth, Minnesota
Breed/Animal: Bulldog

8. Dubs: This live mascot lives in Seattle during his downtime; he's UW's 13th live mascot!
School: University of Washington, Washington
Breed/Animal: Alaskan malamute

9. Halo: For a pup that can do no wrong. Have a little faith and name your dog after this mascot.
School: Emmanuel College, Massachusetts
Breed/Animal: Saint Bernard

10. Havoc: Perfect for your troublesome puppy.
School: Loyola University of New Orleans, Louisiana
Breed/Animal: Wolf

11. Howl: If your pup's bark is worse than its bite, choose this name to match its instincts.
School: Arkansas State University, Arkansas
Breed/Animal: Red wolf

12. Jack: Simple and sufficient for your favorite East Coast pup.
School: Georgetown University, Washington, DC
Breed/Animal: Bulldog

13. Jonathan: Give your dog this respectable name.
School: University of Connecticut, Connecticut
Breed/Animal: Husky

14. Lobo Louie and Lucy Lobo: These names are well-suited for any pair of pooches.
School: University of New Mexico, New Mexico
Breed/Animal: Wolf

15. Lulu and Mac T. Bulldog: Your dynamic duo will love these spirited names.
School: Gardner-Webb University, North Carolina
Breed/Animal: Bulldog

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16. Paws: This fun name is perfect for your big-pawed pooch.
School: Northeastern University, Massachusetts
Breed/Animal: Husky

17. Reveille: This mascot is the highest-ranking member of the Corps of Cadets; she is so privileged that she is addressed by cadets as "Miss Rev, ma'am." The best part? If she is in class and barks while a professor is teaching, the class is immediately dismissed!
School: Texas A&M University, Texas
Breed/Animal: Collie

18. Rhett: This mascot is named after the popular character in the novel Gone with the Wind, because no one loves Scarlett more than Rhett (Boston University's colors are scarlet and white).
School: Boston University, Massachusetts
Breed/Animal: Boston terrier

19. Roongo: A unique name for your irreplaceable dog.
School: Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania
Breed/Animal: Husky

20. Scottie: If your pet has Scottish roots, name it after its country of origin.
School: Agnes Scott College, Georgia
Breed/Animal: Scottish terrier

21. Smokey: Name your long-eared pooch after this live hound dog mascot.
School: University of Tennessee, Tennessee
Breed/Animal: Bluetick hound

22. Spike: This name is so popular, it serves as the mascot moniker for the same breed at four different schools!
Schools: Gonzaga University, Washington; Samford University, Alabama; The Citadel, South Carolina; Drake University, Iowa
Breed/Animal: Bulldog

23. Spike and Simone: Name your dogs after these tough pooches.
School: Truman State University, Missouri
Breed/Animal: Bulldog

24. Tarzan and Jane: Appropriate names if your dogs are king and queen of the jungle (or your backyard).
School: University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez, Puerto Rico
Breed/Animal: Bulldog

25. Vic and Tory: If your pets love to exercise, name them after these two quick canines. (And say their names together for a fun surprise!)
School: Eastern New Mexico University, New Mexico
Breed/Animal: Greyhound

26. Tupper: This mascot is so hip, it even has its own Twitter handle (@BryantTuppy)!
School: Bryant University, Rhode Island
Breed/Animal: Bulldog

27. Tuffy: If your pup is out of the ordinary, name it after NC State's live Tamaskan mascot. This rare breed of dog originated in Finland and has Siberian husky and Alaskan malamute ancestors.
School: North Carolina State University, North Carolina
Breed/Animal: Tamaskan

28. Uga: Derived from the abbreviation of the University of Georgia, this name is a fun choice for any stout pooch.
School: University of Georgia, Georgia
Breed/Animal: Bulldog

29. Victor E. Huskie: If your dog always comes out on top, name it for its successes.
School: University of Northern Illinois, Illinois
Breed/Animal: Husky

30. Wakiza (Kiza): This name means warrior princess—perfect for a strong-willed dog!
School: Houston Baptist University, Texas
Breed/Animal: Husky

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