Do Dogs Dream?

Ever wonder what your dog is thinking while he sleeps? From twitching ears to even running in place, we explain what's going on when his eyes are closed.

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Adopting from a Shelter

Animal shelters are your best source for pet adoptions. They not only ensure healthy animals, but they can help find the best match between human and pet.

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Barks & Recreation: Dog Fitness

You gotta walk the dog -- this much you know. But should you run with him? When is it too hot? We asked experts to explain the finer points of canine fitness.

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Popular Cat Names

Want to give your cat the coolest moniker on the block? Get an inside look at trending popular kitten names. According to Vetstreet, the name "Katniss" is quickly climbing the ranks thanks to book-turned-hit-film-series The Hunger Games. Naming cats after celebrities' pets is also popular – the name of Taylor Swift's adorable feline friend, Meredith, is taking off. Here are 50 of our favorite up-and-coming kitten names. Is your cat's name on the list?

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Pet-Friendly Homes

Smart ways to make your home a safe pet-friendly haven.

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Steps to a Happier Cat

Make your cat's indoor life more interesting with mental and physical stimulation.

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How to Introduce Cats and Dogs

Introducing dogs to cats can be nerve-wracking for new pet owners. We show you how patience, space, and carefully planned introductions will let your cat and dog live happily ever after.

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Popular in Pets

Teaching Children to be "K-I-N-D" to Animals

Teach kids to care about animals by sponsoring a classroom subscription of KIND News┬┐, an award-winning humane education resource for children.

For many children, the family pet is their best friend. The Adopt-a-Classroom program teaches kids to be a friend in return.

Through the program, parents and community members provide elementary-school classes with subscriptions to KIND News┬┐, an award-winning classroom newspaper that emphasizes concepts like compassion, respect, and responsibility. The monthly newspaper is published by the National Association for Humane and Environmental Education (NAHEE), The HSUS's youth education affiliate, and is currently read by more than a million children nationwide.

KIND News (the acronym stands for Kids In Nature's Defense) includes articles, short fiction, activities, and projects that teach children simple, everyday ways to show kindness to people, animals, and the environment. Teachers use the paper to supplement their science, reading, writing, and character education curricula.

Topics covered in KIND News range from pet care to living with wildlife to getting along with peers. In the September 2005 issue of KIND News, NASCAR driver Ryan Newman discussed the importance of reducing pet overpopulation and caring for pets. Dr. Kind explained why donations to animal shelters are so vital. Other features covered problems with keeping wild animals as pets and what students and teachers should consider before getting a classroom pet.

Classroom teachers using KIND News have noted positive changes in their students. In 2005, 97% of teachers surveyed reported that KIND News had increased their students' knowledge of humane issues, such as the role of animal shelters, responsible pet care, and the importance of protecting endangered species. They also cited improvements in their students' behavior toward one another.

"Most children are naturally interested in animals," says Bill DeRosa, NAHEE's former executive director. "Teaching children to care for and respect pets and wildlife can be a highly effective springboard for introducing basic character concepts that extend to others."

The cost of participating in the Adopt-a-Classroom program is $30 for each classroom adopted and includes 30 copies of one of three editions (grades K-2, 3-4, or 5-6) with a teacher's guide every month of the school year, September through May. Also included is KIND Teacher, an annual resource book of reproducible worksheets, calendar pages, a class poster, and KIND I.D. cards for students. International subscriptions are available for $50. Single-copy home subscriptions are also available; contact NAHEE for more information.

You can sponsor a classroom for the teacher or child of your choice or adopt a classroom on our waiting list. If you prefer, you can place your order by calling 860-434-8666. For KIND News subscriptions to begin at the start of the upcoming school year, orders must be received by June 15, however KIND News can be purchased anytime throughout the year. Check out the subscription schedule for more information.

In addition to KIND News, NAHEE offers a range of humane education resources for parents, teachers, and students, including coloring books, videos, CDs, games, and websites.


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