DIY Drink Stations (Cheers!)

Our favorite party trend? Creative DIY drink stations that let party-goers play mixologist. We're sharing our favorite beverage stations, including an infused vodka station, a mojito station, and more. Once you set out the listed supplies, you're all ready to party!

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Birthday Party Hat Cakes -- Made In a Muffin Tin!

Baked in basic muffin tins (really!), these adorable birthday-hat shape cakes would be the hit of any birthday party.

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Throw a Fancy Dinner Party

Good food, good drinks, good company -- key elements for a great dinner party. Our foolproof plan for throwing an elegant dinner party includes tips for pairing wine, setting the table, and preparing a menu so you can be the host(ess) with the mostest.

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Our Latest Party Recipes

The latest recipes from the pages of Better Homes and Gardens are here, and we're thinking breakfast! Whether you're hosting a Sunday brunch or eating on the go, we have fresh, inventive recipes. Plus, we're sharing weeknight dinners and new takes on grapes.

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Fireside Cocktail Party

Blogger and entertaining expert Erin Gleeson shares her secrets and recipes for the coziest fireside cocktail party. It's time to say so long to summer, hello to fall.

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30 Minutes to Cheers! Throw an Impromptu Party (Really)

Quick! You've got 30 minutes to host a party. It's easier than you think to make the whole affair look like Betty Draper spent days planning it. Fake it 'til you make it with our DIY party tips, quick party recipes, and easy drink ideas.

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Birthday Idea! So-Easy Cookie Cakes

Three cookies plus three frosting colors stack to create an adorable birthday dessert that doesn't have to be shared.

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Pretty Outdoor Centerpieces and Table Accents

Add to your outdoor party decorations with these pretty and easy-to-make outdoor centerpieces and table accents. Simply gather flowers, candles, and other colorful elements to make your outdoor table glow.


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    • Floating Flowers and Candles Centerpiece

      For a romantic outdoor centerpiece, float a dozen dahlias in a 14-inch copper-plated saucer filled with water (you can also use any 2-inch deep, watertight container for this display -- metal cake or ceramic casserole pans work well). Add a few floating candles to the display for added romantic ambiance at your outdoor gathering. To make the centerpiece more prominent on the table, elevate it by setting it on a trivet.

      Editor's Tip: Only keep candles lit for the amount of time you'll be outside, and keep a close watch on them while they're lit as a precaution.

    • Bright Bouquet Centerpiece

      Any arrangement of flowers will work in this five-minute centerpiece (we used sunflowers, thistle, and hydrangea), which yields a bright and colorful bouquet. Display the flowers in a galvanized pail for a rustic outdoor feel.

    • Succulent-Filled Centerpiece

      A small collection of plump succulents, staged in a slate planter, can become the center of attention on your outdoor table. Plant a variety of succulents, such as hens-and-chicks, sedums, Crassula selections, and kalanchoes, in a rectangular slate planter (available in the gardening section of home improvement stores). Combine the succulents with stones and chunks of recycled glass. If your planter doesn't have a drainage hole, water sparingly and bring it inside on rainy days.

      Editor's Tip: You can save money on this centerpiece by taking cuttings of succulents from your garden and rooting them in the planter filled with equal parts mix of sand, perlite, and potting soil.

    • Wildflowers and Colored-Glass Table Accents

      Rely on wildflowers and colored glass to brighten up your outdoor table. Simply tuck a handful of wildflowers and herbs, such as lavender and mint, into a glass bottle for a fragrant (and frugal!) outdoor table accent.

    • Painted Flower Box Centerpiece

      Bring your garden to the table with this simple outdoor centerpiece. Simply paint a rectangular wooden flower box a vibrant color and add a variety of potted flowers. Place the flower box in the middle of the table for a garden-inspired table centerpiece.

      Editor's Tip: Make sure the flower box isn't too tall, so party guests can still converse while enjoying the pretty flowers.

    • Asian-Inspired Outdoor Centerpiece

      Adorn your outdoor table with a simple, Asian-inspired centerpiece that features hosta leaves arranged on stacked slabs of slate (available in the gardening section of home improvement stores). Push the cut stems into a floral frog, placing leaves at the outer edges and working toward the center, varying the size and color as you go. Add flower stems to the center of the arrangement, and finish by scattering small flat stones on the slate slabs.

    • Fresh Fruit Outdoor Table Accents

      In addition to fresh-cut flowers from your garden, incorporate the season's best fruits for a colorful outdoor table accent. We scattered peaches, strawberries, and blueberries down the center of our table runner in just a few minutes.

      Editor's Tip: Use a washable table cloth so you don't have to worry about the berries leaving stains.

    • Daisies and Candles Centerpiece

      This quick, DIY outdoor centerpiece turns clay pots into pretty candleholders. To make each candleholder, fill a 5-inch diameter pot three-fourths full with moist potting soil; top with pebbles. Push glass chimneys and candles into the pebbles; insert daisies so the cut ends touch the moist soil.

    • Pastel-Color Butterfly Tree Centerpiece

      This pretty outdoor centerpiece will add a bright accent to your party table from late spring through summer. To make, glue silk flowers to sparse tree branches and push branches into a foam brick hidden inside a flowerpot. Cut butterfly shapes from note cards or cardstock and outline the edges with a marker. Use twine to hang the paper butterflies and add moss to the top of the container to finish the look.

      Editor's Tip: You can extend the life of this centerpiece by changing the shapes on the tree. For fall, for example, replace the butterflies with cut-out leaf shapes in red, orange, and yellow.

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      Flowery Table Accents

      These pretty table accents double as favors for garden party guests; to make, fill a glass mason jar with handfuls of pink snapdragons and wrap old botanical and garden-theme postcards around the jars. To keep the snapdragons fresh, fill a small plastic bag with water and use a rubber band to secure it around the stems.

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