Kids' Parties: Throw a Hawaiian Luau

Head to the Hawaiian Islands for this creative party.

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3 kids at food buffet

    Host a fun and colorful adventure by transforming your home into a tropical island oasis. Kids will shake their grass skirts for delicious Polynesian dishes and luau-inspired activities.

Luau Invites

    Hawaiian invitations set the tone for an exciting afternoon.

    How to Make It:
    Cut a skirt-shaped piece of green cardstock (about 5-1/2 inches long, 6 inches wide at the bottom, and 3-1/2 inches wide at the top). Use a computer and printer, scrapbooking letters, or a pen to put the party details on the card front. Using a glue gun, attach strips of green raffia to the card top. Glue two 3-1/2 inch-long strips of narrow ribbon at the card top to form a waistband. Embellish with a silk flower glued near the top corner.

Colorful Decorations

    Store-bought party decorations look shabby compared to fresh flowers tucked into glasses and scattered around the room or on a windowsill. Bright gerbera daisies or Hawaiian flowers such as hibiscus, plumeria, or orchids are excellent choices. Ask your local travel agent for leftover tropical posters to hang on the walls. Bring the beach into your living room by spreading seashells you've collected during your own travels or purchased from a craft store on the tables.

Tasty Appetizer

    Marmalade-glazed pineapple wrapped in ham offers a delicious salty-sweet combination. Maraschino cherries are colorful and festive when threaded onto wooden skewers with the pineapple bites. Poking the skewers into a fresh pineapple creates a unique and fun presentation.

Finger Food Feast

    Chopped macadamia nuts and herb-seasoned stuffing mix create a flavorful and crispy crust for this baked chicken. Kids will love dipping their drumsticks into a homemade honey-mustard sauce.

Tropical Fruit Salad

    Encourage kids to eat more fruit by mixing a variety of colorful types with creamy yogurt, tiny marshmallows, and sweet toasted coconut.

Hawaiian Lemonade

    Kids love this fruity, bubbly drink and it only takes 15 minutes to prepare. Tropical glasses wrapped in flower bands and adorned with paper umbrella straws make this simple lemonade party-worthy.

Do the Hula

    Get party guests up and moving by encouraging them to hula. Hawaiian-style music will inspire even your most bashful guests to sway along. Best of all, there are no complicated dance steps. Provide grass skirts and leis for an authentic feel.

Polynesian Party Favors

    Let kids make their own leis with this easy craft.

    How to Make It:
    Create Hawaiian flowers from corrugated craft paper in bright shades of yellow, orange, pink, purple, blue, and green. Using scissors, kids can cut their own flower shapes or cut them from a stencil or pattern you create. Hole-punch each flower in the center, then string onto yarn. Separate flowers with pieces of colored straws, cut into 1-1/2 inch pieces. When lei is complete, knot the yarn ends together and slip over the child's head.

How Low Can You Go?

    The limbo is a silly and easy party game. Let two people hold a bamboo stick or broomstick, while each child tries to lean back and dip beneath it. After each round, lower the stick a little bit.

Icy Treats

    Cool off with these refreshing frozen juice pops. Kids go wild for the colorful and tasty layers. Best of all, they can be made a week or two in advance.

Island Cakes

    Using store-bought snack cakes makes preparing these individual party desserts a tropical breeze. By adding a few details -- such as a pineapple preserve glaze, rosemary sprig tops, slivered almonds, and chocolate icing stripes -- they are easily transformed into mini-pineapples.

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