Firefighter Party

Kids have always been fascinated with firefighters, and now the whole country loves them. These ideas highlight the classic kid-friendly aspects of the job, from water to Dalmatians to big trucks.
Invitations & Decorations

Inviting Ideas

Firefighter and Engine You may be able to have the
party at a local fire station.

  • Draw black spots on white paper and write the party details with a bright red marker.
  • On the front of the invitations, write something like "Burning to See You!" or "Red-Hot News!"
  • Take a photo of your local fire station, and use the photos as postcards, writing the party information on the back.
  • Write your invitations on red construction paper. Your child can draw a firehouse or fire trucks.


  • Hang a ladder, construction paper axes, firefighter hats and construction paper hoses around the party table.
  • Place a stuffed Dalmatian on the table as a decoration.
  • Use lots of red balloons with yellow and orange ribbons.
  • Make a small cardboard house and put dry ice in the center to make it appear that smoke is coming out. (Look in the phone book under "Dry Ice" or Ice." You'll need to get it the day of the party. Place it so that the children are not able to touch it.)
  • Call your local fire department to find out if they can do a presentation or a drive-by. If not, they may give you fire hats or fire safety coloring books. Some fire stations will even let you use a room at the station for the party.
  • Use chalk to write fire safety messages on the driveway or sidewalk leading to the front door (i.e., "Stop, drop and roll... the party starts here!")

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