A Farm Theme Party for Kids

Perfect for birthdays or just a Saturday afternoon get-together, this is a fun party your kiddos will love!

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Fun on the Farm

    Your rowdy little party-animals will love this farm animal-inspired celebration. From the petting zoo, local farm, or even your own backyard, head outdoors for the perfect setting for this unique theme party.

Make Cute Invitations

    Invite friends and family to your party with this easy-to-make invitation.

    How to Make It:
    Start with rectangles of red card stock. Use a straightedge and crafts knife to cut rectangles of brown crafts paper about 1/4 inch smaller all around than the red card stock rectangles. Glue a die-cut cow and the letters F A R M -- all purchased at a scrapbooking store -- to each brown paper rectangle. Hand-print the party information on the brown paper rectangles, and attach them to the red card stock with a glue stick.

Chicken Feed

    This crunchy snack mix is a better alternative to greasy chips. Kids will rave over the candy-coated peanuts and coconut. Adults will be pleased the kids are eating rolled oats and sunflower seeds. To save time on the day of the party, make this snack a few days in advance.

Spiral Silos

    Chopped veggies, cheese, and sliced meat make these fun wraps a nutritious main dish. Most kids will recognize the tasty ranch flavor, and colorful tortillas make the dish extra festive.

Custom Country Table Runner

    Dress up a picnic table with a one-of-a-kind runner.

    How to Make It:
    Add some country flair to a plain white table runner by cutting 2-inch-wide strips of red Western-style fabric and then sewing them along the border. Cut out back pockets from old pairs of blue jeans. Attach pockets to the table runner with a hot-glue gun to create pouches that can hold straws, plastic tableware, and napkins.

Flavored Moo Juice

    Kids go wild over these easy shakes. Whip them up in the blender in no time at all. Colorful, crazy straws make the simple drink party-appropriate.

Farm Animal Party Hats

    Let kids make their own party favors with this easy craft.

    How to Make It:
    Unroll a standard cone-shape party hat. Cut a piece of crafts foam to fit the hat shape. Use a glue stick to adhere the foam and reassemble the hat. Cut shapes from the crafts foam to make the hats resemble farm animals. Attach the shapes using a glue gun. Embellish with small pom-poms, cotton balls, and tissue paper.

Easy Party Game

    Entertaining party activities don't have to be complicated or expensive. Create a unique ring toss by setting bottles of colorful soda on an overturned galvanized bucket. No need for prizes -- kids get to keep and drink what their ring lands on.

Yummy Dessert

    This farmyard cake is a real show-stopper. The mixed nut border adds crunch to the fluffy sheet cake. Blue granulated sugar is a cool pool amid lush green coconut grass. Pretzel sticks create a crisscross fence and shredded wheat biscuits look just like haystacks.

    Top off your creation with a Graham Cracker Barn and Silo recipe.
    See next slides for step-by-step instructions.

Assemble the Barn: Step 1

    1. Slide the long edges of a graham cracker rectangle and roof support section together to form the barn front.
    2. Use another frosted graham cracker as support from the inside.
    3. Repeat for the back of the barn.
    4. Hold graham cracker side walls in place with glasses and frosted pretzel rods.
    5. Allow to dry before attaching the barn back with frosting.

Assemble the Barn: Step 2

    6. Form the roof peak by attaching two lengthwise-cut graham cracker sections to the roof support sections and walls with frosting.

Assemble the Barn: Step 3

    7. Attach a whole pretzel rod along the peak of the roof using frosting.
    8. Allow to dry.
    9. Pipe lines of frosting onto the roof.
    10. Form shingles by pressing thin wheat crackers into place.
    11. Consider adding chocolate graham cracker barn doors, attached and outlined with additional frosting.

Tasty Treats

    Add adorable sugar cookie farm animals to the farmyard cake for more whimsy. Or nestle them into shredded paper-filled baskets for a party favor. Scraps of red Western-print fabric and leftover invitation supplies make a cute thank-you tag.

    How to Make It:
    Glue a small brown paper rectangle to a slightly larger red card stock rectangle, then add a farm animal sticker and handwritten thank-you note. Hole-punch the tag and attach to the basket with the fabric scrap.

Sugar Cookie Farm Animals

    Barnyard cookie cutters help create cute cows and horses. Cookie cows get their spots by rolling dots of chocolate dough into plain cookie dough. Shredded wheat biscuit "manes" are attached to the cookie horses with canned white frosting.

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