DIY Drink Stations (Cheers!)

Our favorite party trend? Creative DIY drink stations that let party-goers play mixologist. We're sharing our favorite beverage stations, including an infused vodka station, a mojito station, and more. Once you set out the listed supplies, you're all ready to party!

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Birthday Party Hat Cakes -- Made In a Muffin Tin!

Baked in basic muffin tins (really!), these adorable birthday-hat shape cakes would be the hit of any birthday party.

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Throw a Fancy Dinner Party

Good food, good drinks, good company -- key elements for a great dinner party. Our foolproof plan for throwing an elegant dinner party includes tips for pairing wine, setting the table, and preparing a menu so you can be the host(ess) with the mostest.

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Our Latest Party Recipes

The latest recipes from the pages of Better Homes and Gardens are here, and we're thinking breakfast! Whether you're hosting a Sunday brunch or eating on the go, we have fresh, inventive recipes. Plus, we're sharing weeknight dinners and new takes on grapes.

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Fireside Cocktail Party

Blogger and entertaining expert Erin Gleeson shares her secrets and recipes for the coziest fireside cocktail party. It's time to say so long to summer, hello to fall.

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30 Minutes to Cheers! Throw an Impromptu Party (Really)

Quick! You've got 30 minutes to host a party. It's easier than you think to make the whole affair look like Betty Draper spent days planning it. Fake it 'til you make it with our DIY party tips, quick party recipes, and easy drink ideas.

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Birthday Idea! So-Easy Cookie Cakes

Three cookies plus three frosting colors stack to create an adorable birthday dessert that doesn't have to be shared.

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Farm-Theme Birthday Party for Kids

Searching for a birthday party theme? Head to the farm! Our farm-theme birthday party for kids is fun and easy to put together -- no real farm necessary. From birthday cake to party favors, we have ideas for throwing a fun party until the cows come home.


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    • Fun on the Farm

      Your rowdy little party animals will love this farm animal-inspired birthday party theme. Depending on the age and size of the group, a petting zoo, local farm, or the backyard are all perfect spots to host this bash.

      Party Tip: Make sure you're aware of any animal allergies in the group.

    • Make Cute Invitations

      Invite friends and family to your party with this easy-to-make party invitation.

      How to Make the Party Invitations:
      Start with rectangles of red cardstock. Then cut pieces of beige crafts paper so they're 1/4 inch smaller than the red paper on all sides. Glue a die-cut cow and the letters F A R M -- all available at scrapbooking stores -- to each brown paper rectangle. Hand-print the party information on the bottom portion of the invitation, and attach the brown crafts paper to the red with a glue stick.

    • Bake a Batch of Chicken-Feed Granola

      Feed your little farmers this crunchy party snack. Kids will rave over the candy-coated peanuts and coconut, and you can be glad that they're eating rolled oats and sunflower seeds. Make this snack mix a few days in advance, and toss it in a galvanized bucket at party time.

    • Make Silo-Inspired Wraps

      Chopped veggies, cheese, and sliced meat make these fun wraps a nutritious and easy party food.

    • Craft a Custom Country Table Runner

      This cute table runner does double duty as a party decoration and part of the buffet line.

      How to Make It:
      Add some country flair to a plain white table runner by cutting 2-inch-wide strips of red Western-style fabric and sewing them along the border. Cut out back pockets from old pairs of blue jeans. Attach pockets to the table runner with a hot-glue gun to create pouches that can hold straws, plastic tableware, and napkins.

    • Flavored Moo Juice

      Ice cream plus flavored milk makes a creamy and easy milkshake kids will go wild for. Colorful crazy straws make the simple drink party-appropriate.

      Party Tip: Adhere cow stickers onto inexpensive cups to play up the party theme.

    • Farm Animal Party Hats

      Let kids make their own party favors with this easy craft.

      How to Make the Party Hats: Start white, pink, and yellow party hats for cows, pigs, and ducks. Then cut pieces of crafts foam in eye, ear, beak, and nose shapes. Glue the shapes onto the hats, and embellish with small pom-poms, cotton balls, and tissue paper.

    • Easy Party Game

      Fun party games don't have to be complicated or expensive. Create a unique ring toss by setting bottles of colorful soda on an overturned galvanized bucket. No need for prizes -- kids get to keep and drink what their ring lands on.

    • Farm-Fresh Sunflower Cake

      Finish the birthday party on a sunny note. This birthday cake, inspired by fields of sunflowers, is easy to make. The secret? Start with a boxed cake mix.

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      Visual Party Menus

      Visual party menus ahead! When it comes to throwing a party, we're just here for the food. Get photos of our favorite styled party menus, plus recipes, party tips, and serving ideas. No matter the occasion, we've got party-ready food spreads!
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