Birthday Cakes

Slice up some fun with decorated birthday cakes, theme cakes, tasty birthday treat ideas, and more with our recipes for homemade birthday cakes -- we have just the right cake designs for every occasion. For the birthday boy or girl, we have animal birthday cakes and cupcakes that will delight party guests of all ages. You can choose from pink poodle cupcakes and zoo animal cupcakes; a birthday cake that's shaped like a fishbowl and another that looks like an octopus. Make the most of a birthday dessert with our themed birthday cupcakes for boys, where you can choose from designs with sports-theme decorations, monster eyes, and even one designed to look like a root beer float! Our girls' birthday cupcakes will make the birthday honoree feel like a princess, with sweet flower-topped cupcakes and ice cream-frosted cupcake cones. Or choose from one of our sweet birthday cakes for girls, with pretty colors and sports themes. Want to get started on one of these creative birthday cakes but don't know where to begin? See our step-by-step instructions for baking and frosting a cake.


Classic cake recipes
Best Cake Recipes

From vanilla to German chocolate, here are our favorite classic cakes.

Red Velvet Cakes

Who doesn't love red velvet? Learn to make the cake and more here.

Cool Birthday Cakes

Wow party guests with one of these creative cake ideas!

Birthday Cakes for every kid
Ladylike Birthday Cakes

If your child likes all things sunny and sweet, these are the perfect birthday cakes.

Boyish Birthday Cakes

Sports- and adventure-themed, these birthday cakes are great for boys and tomboys alike.

How to Decorate Cakes

Trust us, you can make bakery-worthy cakes. They're just a few decorating tips away.

How to Make a Cake from Scratch

Making a scrumptious cake from scratch is no problem with our easy step-by-step guide.

Turn Cake into Cupcakes

If cupcakes are more your style, convert your favorite cake recipe with our how-to instructions.

Everything in Birthday Cakes


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