A Gallery Wall is the Next Thing Your Home Needs

Here's how you can completely transform a room—no paint needed!

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Gallery walls are trending in a big way. We collected the best displays from Pinterest and beyond that you can recreate in your home. Take a look for some wall inspiration and start planning your next weekend project!

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Pretty Prints

A gallery wall doesn't have to be all about you. Save the awkward portraits for your desk at work and come home to a display full of what inspires you most. Pick out a few of your favorite prints from the local craft store and hang them in an imperfect arrangement for a gorgeous mix and match feel.

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Main Focus

Choose one or two focal points before building your gallery wall. This blogger went with a pop of color and a bold family monogram. Keep the rest simple and consistent to let your main pieces do the talking!

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You definitely don't have to stick to photos and canvas when building a gallery wall. Switch it up by pairing a few framed items with other wall décor, such as this over-sized key or wooden word art.

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Stairwell Gallery

Half the work with building a gallery wall is finding where to put it. Consider working with the oft-overlooked stairwell wall for an eye-catching arrangement. The dramatic ascending collection will wow your guests from the moment they spot it.

Get more inspiration from Satori Design for Living

Keep it Simple

You can create just as big of an impact with half the amount of art. For a more simplistic look, align several thin frames along a vertical axis. It will keep the gallery look while conforming to contemporary design.

Get more inspiration from Avenue Lifestyle

Pop Art

When deciding on artwork, go with pieces that really pop—as in, pop out of the wall. Too many flat frames can get uninteresting, so switch things up by mixing in dimensional objects. We love these solid-color pieces this blogger chose for her gallery wall!

Get more inspiration from Claire Brody Designs

Kids Gallery

Take the literal route with this DIY gallery wall for your kids. Create a space (other than the fridge) where your kids can proudly display their artwork. Movable clips make it easy for tykes to switch out their old creations for new.

Get more inspiration from Craving Some Creativity

Shelf Display

If you like to redecorate often, you probably want to avoid putting damaging holes in the walls. Instead of nailing your artwork, opt for a gallery wall made from shelves. Not only will this keep your walls pristine, but you will also be able to rest planters or figurines next to your art.

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All in Order

For an easy display that require little creativity, but makes a huge impact, make a gallery wall that is perfectly aligned. Make sure each frame is identical in size and use a measuring tape for pristine accuracy.

Get more inspiration from AGK Design Studio

Mirror, Mirror

A gallery wall made entirely of mirrors adds a touch of luxury to your home. The light will bounce off the reflective surfaces and make the room appear bigger. Make it affordable by buying mirrors at antique shops and painting the frames in a rich gold.

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World Traveler

Show off your wanderlust with framed prints of all the cool places you've been or are wanting to go to. We love these vintage maps and drawings of our favorite cities.

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Head to Toe

Gallery walls are bold, so think big when planning yours. Don't be afraid to go floor to ceiling with your frames like in this example. This idea is perfect for dressing up large spaces without painting the walls.

Get more inspiration from We are Scout

Plate Display

Don't let your hand-painted plates collect dust in cabinets or in a china hutch buried in the corner. Arrange them on the wall for a unique, exotic gallery wall your guests will adore!

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