Create a Cottage-Style Kitchen

Find design ideas to create casual, cozy, cottage style in the kitchen.

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Make a Cozy, Cottage Kitchen

    Looking to update your kitchen with cottage comfort? Whichever version of cottage style suits you best, you'll find it easily transforms a kitchen.

    The changes are simple. Pretty colors, painted cabinets, and soft fabrics give kitchens a comfortable feel. Hardworking surfaces and well-planned work areas offer comfortable working conditions. That sense of ease translates into a room that smoothly adapts from party central to short-order restaurant.

Warm Up with a Fireplace

    For the ultimate in cottage coziness, consider adding a kitchen fireplace. Here, a corner fireplace adds a cheery note to the kitchen. With an island nearby, it's easy to work or eat within view of the fire.

Uncover Cottage-Style Assets

    Storage stretches to use every inch of the wall space beneath a low ceiling. Because the cabinets are light and the floors neutral, the dark-beamed ceiling garners attention. Shiny surfaces, such as the granite countertop, bounce light around.

Go for the Diagonal

    Stretching tiles on the diagonal can make a narrow galley kitchen look wider. Oversize tiles stretch space more than small tiles. Use two colors to create a checkerboard, a common cottage pattern.

Customize for Cottage Character

    Details, such as the beaded edge on the cabinet panels and the sculpted edge of the countertop, give this cottage kitchen extra style. Open shelves instead of bulky cabinets let you see from countertop to ceiling.

Soften Cabinets with Fabric

    Here's a quick, budget-smart makeover to add cottage style: Remove recessed cabinet panels, insert chicken wire over fabric, and staple in place.

Repurpose Furniture

    Turn almost any piece of furniture into a movable kitchen island by attaching casters. If the top is too small for your needs, screw a larger one in place.

Build for Storage

    A pantry adjacent to the kitchen is the prettiest way to increase storage. Lower cabinets keep most gear under wraps. Dinnerware and antiques fill the upper shelves.

Add Furniture Details

    Chunky legs secured in the toe-kick area give these new cabinets a furniture look. Shelves above the counter enhance the effect of a vintage freestanding cupboard. Study vintage furniture pieces for elements you can use to soften the look of a kitchen.

Open Up to Casual Style

    Although an open kitchen might be new to cottage style, it's a surefire way to bring a casual attitude to the space. Cabinets turn a corner to hide some of the utilitarian appliances. A wood-topped island looks like a sideboard rather than a kitchen working surface. The color scheme of the kitchen provides a neutral background for the berry-and-white fabric used in the family room.

Stretch Above the Eaves

    A small kitchen feels much bigger after a remodeling project reveals the slope of the roof. A triangular window adds to the brightness. Cabinets in basic white pair with yellow, green, and a touch of red for a lively cottage-inspired color scheme.

Use What You Collect

    Collections for the kitchen often have a utilitarian aspect. They're ready for everyday use but kept on display. That's the beauty of open shelves: They offer handy storage and make a design statement.

Simplify for Impact

    In this tiny kitchen, stainless-steel countertops and modern-style metal chairs add a clean-lined look to quintessentially cottage beaded-board cupboard doors and a turned-leg country table. The cabinets hanging above the counter feature doors made from antique window screens.

Opt for Vintage Hardware

    Green-glass pulls and knobs look perfectly in tune with cottage style. They're a colorful way to make a new kitchen feel at home in a vintage house. Collections in the same hues reinforce the color favorite.

Replace Cabinets with a Pantry

    To help a small kitchen gain big functional space, storage is organized in a pantry behind French doors, eliminating the need for space-grabbing upper cabinets. Beaded-board cabinets, wood floors, and a German-import refrigerator add cottage charm.

Use Cabinet Tops as Display Shelves

    Wicker-wrapped bottles create a still life on top of these kitchen cabinets. The wood and wicker tones add warmth to the airy all-white space.

Create a Cottage Kitchen

    Here are more ways to add cottage style to your kitchen:

    • Update the cabinets. A coat of paint easily transforms any tired kitchen. If the cabinet finish is good, just replace the knobs to give the doors a facelift.

    • Install a wood or tile floor. Hardwood flooring finished with polyurethane is easy to maintain. A floor of ceramic tile also offers fresh footing.

    • Hide recessed lighting and task lighting. Let the light show rather than the fixture.

    • Eliminate clutter. Make space for appliances in cupboards rather than on countertops, keep cooking gear in drawers, and put staples, such as flour and sugar, in simple glass containers.

    • Provide comfortable seating. Soft cushions on benches and chairs invite guests to linger. Add an upholstered chair and a small side table if you have the room.

    • Make room for a vintage piece of storage furniture, whether it's a white-painted cupboard or a wall cabinet edged with twigs.

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