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Why stick with just one type of cabinet in your kitchen? See how to combine materials, colors and designs with tips from this kitchen that masters cabinetry mixing.

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Coat your kitchen in a color you love with our favorite paint picks. With ideas for blues, grays, greens and, yes, even white, these versatile kitchen paint colors bring the beauty.

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In a hardworking kitchen, a backsplash is an ideal opportunity to add a little personality. See how pretty materials and unique installations can bring a fresh face to your kitchen.

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Guide to Backsplashes

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Creative Dish Storage

Make your kitchen even more stylish and functional by storing dishes where you can see and access them easily. These out-of-the-box ideas will help you get started.

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Popular in Kitchens

Wine Storage Ideas

Find clever and stylish wine storage ideas, including storage racks, wine coolers, and built-in wine cabinets.


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    • Well-Rounded Wine Storage Solution

      Pair a beverage cooler with stacks of cubbies to provide convenient storage for both types of wine you're likely to serve when you entertain. Reds, which should be served at room temperature, can rest in the cubbies. Whites or roses that you serve chilled can be stored at the perfect temperature in the wine cooler.

      These units come with racks so bottles can rest horizontally, which keeps the corks from drying out. Some models also have zoned temperature controls, so you can store sparkling wines at a lower temperature than whites or roses.

    • Decorative Wine Storage Racks

      Many cabinet manufacturers offer units that include wine storage like this latticework wine rack. Wine ages best in a cool, dark location where the temperature remains fairly constant and where bottles are not subjected to vibration. For these reasons, an above-the-refrigerator unit is best for short-term storage and display.

    • Wine Enthusiast's Refrigerator

      If you serve wine often, consider investing in a full-size wine refrigerator. A unit like this one will keep wine at the proper constant temperature (between 40 and 65 degrees) and humidity (about 70 percent) so it ages well.

      Look for a refrigerator with temperature zones that let you fine-tune storage conditions. Tinted-glass doors let you see racks of bottles and block harmful UV rays that could affect the quality of the wine.

    • Wine Cubbies in an Island

      A row of cubbies tucked under the drawers in a custom-built work island stows a small supply of wine. This central location is convenient for serving, whether you're entertaining a crowd or just opening a bottle for dinner.

    • Space-Saving Liquor Cabinet

      This special cabinet rack swings outward to bring the liquor bottles front and center in what would otherwise be a "lost" corner of a peninsula.

    • Undercounter Wine Storage

      Notches hold wine bottles in place on open shelves and ensure bottles don't bump into each other while in storage.

    • Wine Serving Center

      A niche between two banks of stainless-steel appliances is outfitted with a wine refrigerator, serving counter, and two columns of cabinets that stand in as pantries. A small undercounter refrigerator like this can hold about 18 to 24 bottles.

    • Wine Cubbies

      Sandwiched between two upper wall cabinets, this custom tier of cubicles will hold 10 bottles of wine at the ready. The cubbies are large enough to accommodate 1.5-liter bottles as well as 750-milliliter ones.

    • Wine Closet

      Tucked into a passage just off the kitchen, this wall of wine cubbies is outside the main cooking area but within easy reach. A swinging door can be closed to keep the wine in the dark, protecting it from harmful UV rays.

      If you convert a pantry or closet to wine storage, be sure the space is clean and ventilated and has no musty odors.

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      Undercounter Wine Refrigerator

      Part coffee station, part wine bar, this built-in sideboard includes an undercounter wine refrigerator with wooden pullout shelves and zoned temperature controls. The unit is recessed into the sideboard so a custom door with a glass insert can fit over it, preserving the furniturelike appearance of the sideboard.

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      Handy Wine Storage

      If you're ordering custom-built cabinets for your kitchen, consider allowing space for one or two vertical stacks of wine cubbies alongside the cabinets. Here, a wall of cabinets includes a middle row of units that are slightly wider than the units above and below, making room for a pair of wine storage cubbies. Positioning wine away from the cooking zone prolongs the wine's life, because long-term exposure to high temperatures degrades its quality.

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      Cool Storage for Wine

      Even if you're a modest collector of wine, a small wine refrigerator can be a good investment. Tucked into the end of a work island, this refrigerator can keep 20 bottles at the ideal temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit, which protects the wine's quality and lets it mature. The zigzag shape of the wire racks holds the bottles so they don't touch each other, and the racks are slightly angled to keep the corks in contact with the liquid inside. This helps prevent air from leaking into the bottles.

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      Space-Savvy Wine Storage

      A grid of wine cubbies above a built-in pantry makes good use of space and also expands the kitchen visually. Because heat rises, store sparkling wines on the lowest shelf (they require the lowest storage temperatures), white wines above them, and reds at the highest level.

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      Sideboard Wine Storage

      Shelves installed at an angle in a built-in sideboard provide space for storing a small collection of wines. Because the bottles rest against each other, it's a little more difficult to remove the one you want than if you store bottles in individual cubbies. But this installation may give you the flexibility to squeeze in a few more bottles.

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      Wine Enthusiast's Beverage Center

      This combination of open shelves and an undercounter wine refrigerator provides flexible storage options in a relatively compact space. The refrigerator, which features pullout shelves, holds wine at a constant, cool temperature to preserve its quality. The open shelves are best for storing red wines, which should be served at room temperature. White and sparkling wines keep their quality better if stored at lower temperatures.

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      Bookshelf-Style Wine Storage

      This open wine cabinet is fitted with scalloped edges to hold wine bottles securely. The neck of the bottle rests in the opening, which also keeps the bottle from jostling its neighbor. Once a bottle of wine is laid down, it shouldn't be subjected to vibration or movement, because this disturbs the sediments and can damage the quality of the wine.

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