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Personalize a Pillow

Put your personalized stamp on a plain pillow with this easy monogramming technique starring paint.

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Give your home unbeatable character in just one weekend. These home projects offer quick, impactful solutions to fill your indoor and outdoor spaces with style and function. Whether you seek easy landscaping plans, curb appeal projects, or budget decorating ideas, these hand-picked updates are designed to bring out your inner weekend warrior.

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Top Flea Markets

Put on your walking shoes and stop in at America's premier marketplaces -- you'll find country primitives, midcentury modern furniture, vintage fashions, upcycled treasures, and more. Here are a few insider tips for wending your way through each market.

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Deck Decorating & Styling Tricks

Make your deck as comfortable and stylish as an indoor living room. These tricks show you how.

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Small-Appliance Storage

Clear countertop clutter with these clever ideas for storing small appliances.


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    • Toaster Storage

      Keep your toaster neatly tucked away, but always ready, with a small rack and cubby. Just make sure you have a way to conveniently connect the wiring if you mount the toaster to the rack.

    • Designated Alcove

      Set aside an area in your kitchen just for small appliances. In this kitchen an otherwise unused corner is the perfect place for the coffee pot, grinder, and toaster.

    • Corner Storage

      This well-hinged corner cabinet holds appliances and baking supplies. A magic corner storage unit eliminates the need to dig through items to reach the back of the cabinet.

    • Open Shelves

      Stainless steel is in. Instead of hiding your steel appliances, store them on open shelves and use them to add visual variety to your kitchen.

    • Pullout Shelf

      Pairing storage and accessibility, this pullout shelf keeps appliances hidden away but rolls out easily when needed.

    • Beverage Bar

      Adding a hidden beverage center allows you to have coffee or other drinks right at hand yet not be seen. With this stainless steel rolling door, the coffee maker is only seen in the mornings when it is needed.

    • Custom Corner

      Vertically shelved appliance garages take visual weight off the counter and save space. This design utilizes corners to preserve maximum storage area.

    • Pop-Up Mixer

      Pop-up mixer stands provide a base for stand mixers when in use and allow you to conveniently store mixers in lower cabinetry.

    • Appliance Garage

      Appliance garages are popular storage solutions for small kitchen devices. They keep awkward-size units out of sight but close at hand. These small cabinets are as varied as the items they hide. This one blends seamlessly with the existing kitchen cabinetry.

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      Flip to Open

      It's easy to access small appliances in a cabinet with a flip-up door. The door stays out of the way so you can keep your counter space.

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      Roll With It

      Inspired by old-fashioned rolltop desks, this appliance garage features a rolling door. When the door is open, it almost disappears, leaving plenty of space to work. This style is nice for storing frequently used items because the door won't get in the way if it's left open.

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      Levels of Storage

      Pullout drawers inside this appliance garage offer multiple storage levels. This versatile system houses a variety of appliance sizes, making it an organized system that includes all odd-shape items.

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      Practical Pantry

      Fill an open shelf in a walk-in pantry with extra appliances. Storing the machines in a pantry saves space in the kitchen, but they're close enough to be available at a moment's notice. Adjustable shelving in pantries makes it possible to store appliances of any height.

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      Island Hideaway

      Small appliances can also be tucked away in traditional cabinetry. Stored at the end of an island, equipment is accessible but out of sight. Keep appliances such as microwaves in an island so they don't clutter up wall or counter space.

    • Solve the Most Annoying Kitchen Storage Problems
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      BONUS: Solve Annoying Storage Problems

      Get tips and tricks to solve the most common kitchen cabinet storage problems.

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