25 Kitchen Organization and Storage Tips

Stay organized, cut clutter, and store more in your kitchen. Here is a round-up of easy ways to get it done.


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    • Clearly Contained

      Store regularly used ingredients like flour and sugar in coordinating clear glass containers. Put the containers on open shelves near the cooking area for easy access. Corral small baking supplies like cookie cutters, cupcake holders, and sprinkles in baskets or nearby drawers.

    • Add a Storage-Packed Island

      See how to turn a ready-to-assemble island into a storage dream.

    • Pull-Out Pantry

      Make the most of space between studs with a pull-out storage unit. Just over 6 inches wide, this pantry is perfect for storing dry goods, canned items and everything else you need on hand and within reach. 

    • Cookbook Central

      Carve out a niche for cookbooks in a sliver of space next to a refrigerator. Organize cookbooks by category on each shelf.

    • Plan It Out

      Watch and see how to plan for better storage in your kitchen.

    • Specialized Spaces

      Move an outlet inside a cabinet to create the perfect storage place for small appliances. Consider venting and heat when placing a microwave or toaster over inside a cabinet, or add extra counter space or a pull-out shelf.

    • At-a-Glance Organization

      Make every inch count in a kitchen pantry. An over-the-door storage system is handy for keeping things you use on a regular basis. Store dried goods in clear containers so it's easy to see what you have. Put similar items, like packaged snacks and bread, together and keep them in baskets with labels. Hang a shopping list on the door to keep track of what you need to replenish.

    • More About Pantry Storage

      Learn the seven essentials you need to get an organized pantry.

    • Take Note

      Put the inside of a cabinet door to use. Hang a clipboard on the back of the door with a list of what is kept in the cabinet. When you run out of something, it's easy to make a shopping list.

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      Corral in Baskets

      Lower cabinets can be dark and hard to access, but with baskets, it's easy to corral small items and bring them into view. Plus, by removing the door, reaching what you need is that much faster. 

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      Divided Drawers

      Make the most of a deep drawer with a sliding insert that divides the space. Use it to keep supplies like sandwich bags, garbage bags, and foil in a central location.

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      Within Reach

      Use a cabinet next to the cooktop to store frequently used cooking spices and oils. Keep counter space free from clutter and hang spoons, spatulas, and strainers on a bar under the cabinet.

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      Corner Storage

      A lazy Susan is a great solution for a corner cabinet. Remove the corner door to make it easy to see what's in the cabinet. A narrow cabinet is a convenient spot for cooking sheets and cutting boards. Hanging bars, above, pull out for dish towels.

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      Kitchen Organization Woes, Solved!

      Watch and learn the secret to combating your worst kitchen storage nightmares.

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      Order in the Drawer

      Save time looking for cooking utensils with a well-organized drawer. Find a storage insert that fits the space, and label each compartment to make it easy to put things where they belong.

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      Bonus Storage

      Turn unused space over the refrigerator into extra storage. A cabinet over the fridge is a great place to store items you don't need every day. Use open shelves to display dishes or collectibles.

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      Built-In Storage

      A built-in hutch is a convenient spot to store extra dishes, serving platters, and linens. Shallow drawers keep tablecloths, place mats, and napkins organized.

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      Savvy Wine Storage

      You don't need a lot of room to add wine storage. Turn a narrow space in a run of cabinets into cubbies for wine bottles.

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      Freezer Organization

      Never dig for the last popsicle or lose a bag of frozen peas again. Organize your freezer like you would a pantry. Corral like items in plastic bins, and label them for convenience.

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      Prep Station

      Chopping fruits, vegetables, and bread is easy with a dedicated cutting board. This pullout cutting board features built-in knife storage below. Locate your prep area near a sink for easy cleanup.

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      Easy Access

      If cabinet space is limited, keep dishes you use on a regular basis on the counter. Here, a vintage crate turned on its side holds bowls, plates, and mugs.

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      Baking Storage

      If you do a lot of baking, keep all your supplies in one spot. Here, cookie sheets, cooling racks, and cutting boards are stored in a cabinet over a wall oven. Retrofit an existing cabinet with inexpensive dividers to keep everything organized.

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      Divide and Conquer

      Keep pots and pans in order in a deep drawer under a cooktop. A sliding shelf keeps the drawer organized. Store pots on the lower level and lids above.

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      Hidden Assets

      Turn unused space below a built-in banquette into storage. Deep drawers are a convenient spot to stash extra table linens, place mats, and napkins.

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      Magnetic Storage

      Take advantage of a metal island by turning the outside into instant storage. Stick a metal shelf to the side of the island, and use it to store frequently used spices, pot holders, and measuring spoons.

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      Order Under the Sink

      Freshen up the cabinet under the sink with some quick and easy storage solutions. Line the bottom of the cabinet with pretty contact paper. Use clear containers to hold cleaning supplies like sponges, brushes, and dishwasher tablets.

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      Corner Cabinet Solution

      Get the most out of corner cabinets with a pullout lazy Susan. Look for lazy Susans that are designed without a center pole to maximize your storage capacity.

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      Spice Storage

      Keep spices neatly contained in a drawer. Arrange the containers in alphabetical order so it's easy to find what you're looking for.

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      Go-To Pantry

      Store all your pantry staples in one convenient location. A floor-to-ceiling cabinet is divided into shelves so nothing gets lost in the back of the cupboard. A tack board on the side of the pantry is a great place for posting notes, a calendar, and shopping lists.

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