Kitchen Corner Solutions

Reduce wasted space in the corner of your kitchen with these innovative solutions.


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    • Corner Sink

      Tucked neatly in the corner, this sink offers a view of the great outdoors while washing dishes. A small cabinet behind the sink conveniently stores cleaning supplies.

    • Corner Pantry

      A sliding pocket door reveals a corner pantry unit, which houses groceries on lazy Susan-style shelves. This solution provides plenty of storage for the kitchen's dry goods.

    • Open Shelves

      Large vases, serving bowls, and platters are out of the way, yet elegantly displayed, on open shelves in the corner.

    • Corner Cooking

      Storing pots, pans, and utensils within reach of the gas cooktop makes this corner an efficient cooking area.

    • Glass-Front Cabinets

      Cabinetry doors with reeded glass panels visually open the corner of this kitchen. A corner sink aids efficiency in this cleaning and prep area.

    • Built-In Corner Hutch

      Built-in shelves next to an eating area store and display a collection of fine china.

    • Corner Window

      Placing a window on the slanted corner wall adds natural light to the small kitchen and provides a nice view when washing dishes.

    • Wine Storage

      A slim column of cubbies provides the perfect spot to store a few bottles of wine next to a small frosted-glass cabinet.

    • Corner Shelf

      Rows of open shelving above and below the counter offer abundant storage that is easily accessible.

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      Floor-to-Ceiling Storage

      This corner cabinetry unit is packed with storage. Above the counter, an appliance garage is topped with a slanted cabinet. Below the counter is a lazy Susan storage area.

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      Lazy Susan

      A lazy Susan storage unit allows you to maximize space that is usually wasted in the corner.

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      Entertainment Corner

      In addition to traditional corner cabinets, this kitchen boasts a small television. Here it is easily visible but doesn't get in the way.

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      Appliance Garage

      Tuck an appliance garage in the corner and eliminate clutter from the countertops. An open shelf above the appliance garage provides extra storage.

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      Corner Display

      A narrow shelf offers an ideal place to display decorative dishware. Below the cabinetry is an appliance garage that discreetly stores small appliances.

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      Corner Storage

      This magic corner storage unit has a shelf that pulls out and flips to the side to grant access to a second shelf that slides out from the very back of the corner. Like a lazy Susan, this storage solution allows you to make the most of corner space.

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      Bar Sink

      A small bar sink located in the corner creates a secondary prep area in the kitchen. It comes in handy when entertaining.

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