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Insanely Easy Kitchen Storage

Carving out more storage space in the kitchen doesn't have to cost a fortune. Get organized with these super-simple tricks (many using items you already have around the house).


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    • Max Out Cabinet Doors

      Use the insides of your cabinet doors for storage. Stick a corkboard, magnetic board, or peg racks there to hold shopping lists, small tins of spices, measuring cups, or small cooking utensils.

    • Say It with Chalk

      Chalkboard paint is a low-cost solution for adding labels to almost anything in the kitchen. Use it to organize spice jars, containers filled with baking supplies, shelf fronts, and more.

    • Look Up

      Capture unused space over a door or window by hanging a basic shelf above the frame and using it to store off-season dishes, rarely used serving pieces, or bottles of wine.

    • Grab Some Hang Time

      Bulky pots and pans take up a lot of room; free up valuable drawer space by hanging them from a ceiling-mount rack. If that's not possible, use hooks to mount them to the wall for artistic effect.

    • Transform Towel Bars

      Metal towel bars can serve a new purpose in the kitchen when you install them inside a cabinet or pantry door. Use the bar to store lids to pots and pans, and you'll never again dig through a drawer looking for the right size.

    • Claim Wasted Space

      Over-the-door storage solutions maximize otherwise wasted space. Use small metal or plastic racks with baskets and bins inside cabinet doors, or choose longer versions with pockets or shelves for pantry doors.

    • Boost Storage with Baskets

      Baskets are a pretty way to keep messes out of sight. Use them on shelves or in cabinets to organize linens, snacks, utensils, and more.

    • Instant Pantry Organization

      Messy pantry? Tidy up in no time with these clever clutter-busting tricks.

    • Tame Unruly Drawers

      Corral plastic and zip-top bags by storing them in metal tissue holders. The bins are perfect for organizing a drawer, but are attractive enough to sit on a counter.

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      Rethink the Backsplash

      Turn your backsplash into knife storage by installing a magnetic strip. This simple solution frees up counter space and keeps your cutting tools handy.

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      Organize Under the Sink

      Control undersink clutter by using clear plastic bins to store like items. Label each container so it's easy to find and return the tools you need.

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      Free Up Those Drawers

      Don't let a lack of drawer space cramp your style. Stash silverware in a pretty mug or container. Best of all, this idea makes it easy to move utensils from counter to table when entertaining.

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      Try a Temporary Fix

      There are times when an oversize cabinet isn't helpful. To keep upright items, like cutting boards and baking sheets, organized, turn inexpensive tension rods into temporary cabinet dividers.

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      Call on Blank Walls

      Stash cooking utensils, narrow boxes, or other small accessories in magazine racks installed on the wall or inside of cabinets.

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      Use Vintage Finds

      Think outside the box when it comes to kitchen storage. A vintage wooden tool caddy filled with serving necessities is a clever way to transport items from the kitchen to the dining room, plus it can serve as a stunning table centerpiece.

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      Label for Organization

      DIY labels for the pantry not only look great, but they also help the family stay organized. Transfer snacks and cooking essentials into clear, airtight containers to keep them fresh and make it easy to find exactly what you need.

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      Upgrade an Island

      Make more of an island with a solid back by adding storage bars and bins. It's the perfect spot to keep towels, cutting boards, and other items needed during dinner prep.

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      Hang Shelves

      When space and budget don't allow for new cabinets, add more storage in the kitchen by installing basic shelving on a stretch of wall. Use the expanse to store dinnerware, serving pieces, or decorative items.

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      Repurpose Ordinary Items

      Put a paper towel dispenser to new use by stacking cookie cutters on it. This simple solution makes it easy to carry the cutters wherever they're needed, and keeps the small items from getting lost in a drawer.

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