Easy Kitchen Updates

The kitchen may be the hardest-working room in the house, so it runs the risk of looking overworked. Give your kitchen fresh appeal with these quick and easy updates, including solutions for your windows, floor, pantry, and more!

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Freestanding Pantry Ideas

Short on storage and space? No worries. These stylish go-anywhere pantry designs house everything from baking pans and cooking staples to party supplies -- exactly where you need them most. As a bonus, many of these units are transportable so they can travel with you when you move.

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One-of-a-Kind Backsplashes

In a hardworking kitchen, a backsplash is an ideal opportunity to add a little personality. See how pretty materials and unique installations can bring a fresh face to your kitchen.

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Drab to Fab Makeover

See how a basic kitchen received a fresh face on an affordable remodeling budget.

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Guide to Cabinetry

From Better Homes and Gardens, ideas and improvement projects for your home and garden plus recipes and entertaining ideas.

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Countertop Ideas

Countertops are big part of your kitchen. Consider these up-and-coming materials to make a statement in your space.

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Subway Tile Backsplashes

When it comes to a classic backsplash, nothing beats the traditional subway tile. Subway tiles make cleaning up kitchen messes a quick and easy task, plus the variety to choose from seems almost infinite. One thing is for sure, subway tile will never go out of style.

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Popular in Kitchens

Banquettes with Storage

There's a treasure trove of storage inside the bench of every banquette. Put the space to work and get organized with these ideas.

Make use of hidden storage inside the banquette of your dining room or kitchen. The wood-frame construction of the bench yields unused space beneath the seat. Consider these options for banquette storage and get ideas for storing your stuff.

Access a banquette interior by adding a hinged door on the bench seat, open drawers in the front or sides of the base, or cabinet doors that swing open to reveal space inside. Other banquette storage options include bins that tilt out—or leave the base open so the contents remain on view in baskets or bins.

If the seat lifts like a lid, be sure it's equipped with a special hinge that safely holds the lid open when needed and closes slowly—especially if children will be using the storage.

Banquettes with storage can hold a wide range of items, including:

·        Table linens

·        Decorative pillows

·        Paper party products, such as plates and napkins

·        Children's games and toys

·        Craft supplies

·        Pet food and gear

·        Books and magazines

·        Seasonal kitchen gear

·        Household filing

Organize banquette drawers using divided inserts or vertical dividers; baskets or bins made of canvas or metal can be used to corral small items behind cabinet doors or on the shelf of an open banquette base.

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