Kitchen Storage Solutions

Get your kitchen organized for good with our best storage tips. The best kitchen storage ideas are born of necessity. Do you entertain frequently? Adding dowel rods inside a cabinet keeps pressed linens ready and at your fingertips. If your family has small children, storing plates and cups in bottom cabinets makes it easy for them to reach on their own. Browse our ideas for using ordinary items in unexpected ways. You might already own the elements you need, such as baskets or trays, to execute savvy storage. A dresser in the kitchen is ideal for storing large bowls and platters. Open shelving installed above a refrigerator adds square footage for storage for little cost. Plus, knowing how you organize best can be the starting point for implementing order in your kitchen. Take our storage personality quiz to get customized organization techniques that perfectly suit your personality.


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Cut Clutter in Your Kitchen

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25 Storage Solutions

Easy ideas to FINALLY get your kitchen in order.

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