Kitchen Sink Ideas

Kitchen sinks are a key element of great kitchen design from a practical and design standpoint. Find ideas from these distinctive kitchen sinks.

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Beautiful Kitchen Sink

    The old-look soapstone countertops flow right around this sink. The stainless steel faucet creates a sleek look and makes food prep and cleanup a snap. The white interior of the sink blends perfectly with the white cabinetry. The window backdrop gives anyone standing at the sink a great view of the outdoors.

Kitchen Island Sink

    This island, which houses the sink, features a honed-granite countertop that recalls the matte look of soapstone, a surface common in old farmhouse kitchens. The sink's high faucet makes it a breeze to wash any large pans or dishes while the square shape of the sink creates clean lines that mesh with the rest of the kitchen.

Oversize Kitchen Sink

    This sink juts out 27 inches instead of the usual 24 to create space for several pots and pans. The sink and faucet reflect the desire for a clean, contemporary space full of curves. The dark interior of the sink blends perfectly with the granite countertops and makes for easy cleanup.

Long Trough Sink

    This 4-foot-long trough sink allows for multiple cooks to be bustling around the kitchen together. Rather than a traditional switch, the push button by the faucet activates the sink's disposal. The center island creates the perfect surround for the sink, and offers counter room as well as sink space.

Vintage Kitchen Sink

    With its vintage roots and 48-inch wide basin, this utility sink adds both function and fashion. A pair of faucets mounts to its integral backsplash for cleanup ease. The sink stands as a fashion statement in the room, but blends perfectly with the decor.

Stainless Steel Prep Sink

    This stainless steel prep sink is placed in the center of the island for easy access. When preparing a meal, it's easy to move back and forth to the nearby stove. The stainless steel makes the sink easy to clean, and blends in beautifully with the silver accents on the cabinetry and other kitchen appliances.

Integrated Stainless-Steel Sink

    This integrated stainless-steel sink fits in perfectly with this contemporary kitchen. The seamless design between the countertops and sink makes it more resistant to bacteria and mold growth.

Seamless Stainless-Steel Sink

    This sink meshes seamlessly with the two surfaces found in the kitchen: marble and stainless steel. The stainless steel sink is built right into the stainless steel countertop in the center island to allow for easy access and cleanup.

Prep Sink for the Chef

    This chef's sink by the range features a sleek wall-mount faucet that fits the clean-lined, space-efficient look. The small sink offers a space for the cook to work without becoming a focal point of the room. The warm mahogany cabinetry contrasts with the marble countertop surrounding the sink.

One Kitchen, Two Sinks

    This kitchen boasts two prep sinks: one small chef's sink, and another in the center island. The marble countertops create a perfect backdrop for the sinks. The silver faucets blend with the stainless-steel range hood and cabinetry hardware.

Divided Farmhouse Sink

    This divided farmhouse sink blends well with the country feel of the kitchen. It offers the apron-front look of a farmhouse sink with the practicality of a divided sink.

Prep Sink with a Purified Water Faucet

    The peninsula features a prep sink, which boasts a separate faucet that dispenses purified water for cooking or beverages. The simple elegance of the faucets creates beauty without drawing attention. The small sink is perfect for washing veggies or preparing dinner.

Vintage-Style Kitchen Sink

    The vintage-style sink on the center island solidifies the traditional appeal of the kitchen. The quiet elegance of the faucet provides both functionality and beauty while the marble countertops provide a perfect backdrop for the sink.

Convenient Prep Sink

    This stainless-steel prep sink is placed conveniently near the warming drawer. The center island holds everything needed for food prep, including the warming drawer, counter space, and the sink. The simple faucet gets the job done in style without becoming the focal point of the kitchen.

Trough Sink with Two Faucets

    Two faucets at this steel trough prep sink allow access to water from either side of the kitchen island.

S-Shape Sink Divider

    This silver sink features an S-shape divider and a low backsplash. The richly stained walnut of the countertops extends slightly to meet the height of the backsplash.

Trough Sink with Overhead Sprayer

    A nickel trough sink takes up little counter space and can be filled with ice and bottled beverages for parties. As a prep and cleanup area, this sink is all about work, thanks to an overhead sprayer that discreetly retracts into the ceiling.

Undermount Prep Sink

    A nickel prep sink is mounted under bands of molding on this island's teak top and paired with an oiled bronze faucet left "live" (or uncoated) so that it will develop a patina.

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