15 Ways to Refresh Your Kitchen

Eventually every kitchen needs work to look fresher and work better. Fun or functional, these 15 do-it-yourself ideas will put a new face on your place.

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Open Season

    These shelves showcase two trends -- open storage and cottage style -- in one installation. Support simple planks on purchased brackets. Let wall space dictate the dimensions.

In the Right Light

    Undercabinet lighting makes performing any countertop task easier and safer. Today's do-it-yourself strip or puck fixtures use money- and energy-saving bulbs.

Get a Grip

    Like pairing jewelry with a black dress, new hardware can update your cabinets' personality in a snap. Choose knobs and pulls that complement your kitchen's style and its other metal finishes.

Leave a Message

    Chalkboard paint turns any surface -- such as this refrigerator's insert panels -- into communication central. It's also handy for menus and shopping lists.

Over-the-Sink Storage

    It's a pot rack. It's a window treatment. This discount-store curtain rod works twice as hard. Install extra support brackets for heavy pans.

Behind the Scenes

    It's all in the background. White dinnerware stands out against cabinet interiors lined with wallpaper or wrapping paper. Apply trimmed sheets with double-stick tape if you like to update the look periodically.

Add-On Character

    Customize cabinets with furniture-style details. This traditional example features pilaster moldings and blocky feet.

A Fresh Angle

    Architectural salvage ranges from plumbing fixtures to Victorian millwork. Brackets find new purpose in a doorway, beneath a display shelf, or under an extended countertop as shown.

Plates on Parade

    Stock lumber and a few simple moldings turn a wall into an (almost) instant hutch. Wallpaper behind the shelves and below the chair rail suggests the outline of furniture.

Storage Goes Vintage

    Get creative with flea market finds. Medallions and lacy appliques decorate this memory box allocated to grandma's kitchen treasures.

A Place for Everything

    Make the most of limited storage space with wire organizers. Racks, shelves, and baskets occupy often-wasted vertical space -- and they go with you when you move.

Line by Line

    Versatile beaded board brings homey texture to many surfaces. This backsplash also sports a row of relief tiles as an accent.

Color Correction

    A neutral kitchen is a smart investment, but a pop of color is such fun! Shop art supply stores for tinted films you can adhere to glass cabinet door interiors. Exteriors will still be easy to clean.

Floor Show

    This faux rug's sheer paint treatment lets the wood's grain show through, and light sanding suggests age. Careful taping makes it easy to re-create geometric designs.

Playing with Paint

    Scallops and squiggles and flowers -- oh my! Plain-vanilla cabinets go cherry red in this whimsical painting project. Collectible pottery adds another focal point.

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