Kitchen Planning

Do you like the idea of a functional, attractive kitchen but feel daunted by the actual process of making your dream a reality? Put your worries to rest with a good kitchen plan. A tried-and-true way to pull off successful kitchen planning is to work with a kitchen designer. Designers are not only savvy about products, layouts, and trends, but their experience is invaluable in guiding you through what works and what doesn't. They understand the relationship between various elements in the kitchen, and they can save you money by suggesting similar products in a variety of price points. For the more adventurous, all it takes is educating yourself about smart kitchen design, a task easily accomplished by viewing the kitchens featured here. Hone in on your favorite styles, study layouts to determine what would work best for your kitchen, consider the special needs of the cooks in your family, and think about how you can incorporate your own touches. And don't forget to ask friends what they like and dislike about their own kitchens—it's easier to see the principles of good kitchen planning in practice in rooms you have actually walked through. After all, kitchen planning is much more than making your kitchen look good—it's also about creating an inviting workplace that celebrates your individual personality and style.


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